JDK 15: The new features in Java 15

With Java 14 possessing reached general availability March 17, do the job continues on the successor, Java fifteen, owing September fifteen, 2020. The most current changes eyed for the system, as of May perhaps 14, 2020, involve the addition of sealed courses and the elimination of Solaris and SPARC ports. 

Java Progress Kit (JDK) 15 provides the basis for the following model of Java SE (Regular Version). Prior to general availability in September, there will be rampdown phases in June and July, followed by two launch candidates in August.

Capabilities now proposed to focus on JDK fifteen (but not yet on the official to do list) involve documents, sealed courses, elimination of Solaris and Sparc ports, and Edwards-Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (EDSA) cryptographic signatures.

Capabilities that have reached the formally specific stage involve hidden courses, elimination of the Nashorn JavaScript engine, reimplementing the legacy DatagramSocket API, disabling biased locking, pattern matching for instanceof, the ZGC and Shenandoah garbage collectors, and textual content blocks.