Why data isn’t the new oil

Jason Foster, CEO and founder of data and analytics approach consultancy Cynozure, describes that we need to have a new analogy for data, without some of the negative connotations of oil

Knowledge just isn’t the new oil, opposite to what numerous technologies specialists and commentators have been declaring for years,

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Drones provide bird’s eye view of how turbulent tidal flows affect seabird foraging habits — ScienceDaily

The foraging behaviour of seabirds is radically influenced by turbulence brought on by purely natural coastal attributes and humanmade ocean constructions, new investigate has demonstrated.

In a to start with-of-its-variety study, researchers from the British isles and Germany applied drones to offer a synchronised bird’s eye watch of what seabirds

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Spherical Solar Cells Soak Up Scattered Sunlight

Flat photo voltaic panels still experience huge constraints when it arrives to making the most of the readily available daylight every single working day. A new spherical photo voltaic cell design aims to improve photo voltaic electrical power harvesting prospective from just about every angle without necessitating highly-priced relocating pieces … Read More