Deno 1.0 arrives to challenge Node.js

Deno, a JavaScript/TypeScript runtime promising stronger safety and a top-quality developer experience to Node.js, reached its 1. launch standing on May thirteen, 2020.

Developed by Ryan Dahl, who also created Node.js, Deno was designed to tackle a number of Node’s shortcomings, specifically safety. (Deno is an anagram of Node.) The job became public about two several years back.

As opposed to Node, Deno does not use the NPM deal manager rather, it hundreds modules by referencing URLs or file paths. The philosophy driving Deno is to serve as a productive, safe scripting environment for the contemporary programmer. It can be a replacement for utility scripts that could have been prepared in Python or Bash. Instructions for putting in Deno can be observed at

Highlights of Deno incorporate:

  • Deno is runtime for executing JavaScript and TypeScript outside the browser in a solitary executable (denocode).
  • Deno is safe by default, with no file, community, or environment obtain except if explicitly enabled. 
  • Deno dies on uncaught glitches.
  • All async actions in Deno return a guarantee. 
  • Deno scripts can be bundled into a solitary JavaScript file.
  • Deno has a constructed-in dependency inspector (deno infocode) and a code formatter.
  • Deno supplies a established of audited conventional modules.
  • Deno was designed as a collection of Rust crates to enable integration at different layers.

In explaining the motives for Deno, Dahl and co-contributors Bartuk Iwanczuk and Bert Belder wrote in a weblog write-up that even though JavaScript is the purely natural decision for dynamic language tooling, Node was designed in 2009 when JavaScript was a significantly different language. As a outcome, making applications on Node can be an arduous endeavor.

“We feel that the landscape of JavaScript and the encompassing software package infrastructure has modified ample that it was worthwhile to simplify,” the Deno creators wrote. “We look for a fun and productive scripting environment that can be used for a wide vary of duties.”

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