Day: February 14, 2021

Plot in R with echarts4r

Although I’m largely settled on ggplot2 for static plots, I’m generally on the lookout for approaches to make interactive visualizations. echarts4r is just one of my new favourite deals for this. It’s intuitive, powerful, and versatile.

The echarts4r offer is an R wrapper for the echarts JavaScript library, an official

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Developing a Turing test for ethical AI

Synthetic intelligence developers have constantly had a “Wizard of Oz” air about them. Driving a magisterial curtain, they carry out amazing feats that look to bestow algorithmic brains on the computerized scarecrows of this planet.

AI’s Turing take a look at concentrated on the wizardry needed to trick us into

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Angular 12 beta preview arrives

Angular twelve, a planned up grade to Google’s preferred TypeScript-centered web framework, has moved into a beta stage, with a preliminary launch now accessible.

The venture beforehand proposed that Angular twelve would get capabilities impacting production builds, aid for the Webpack 5 bundler, and a host of other improvements. A

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