What do the lights on your router mean?

If you’ve ever run out of Internet, surely your company’s telemarketer has asked you about the status of the lights on your WiFi router, but what do these lights mean? What does it mean that they are on, off or blinking? Well, a lot, especially at an informative level.

Depending on the state of these lights, your connection will be stable or not. In addition you can also know the type of connections you have enabled. For example, they provide information about the frequencies you use or the cables you have connected directly to the router.

Each WiFi 無線網路分享器 router has several lights. There is no standard model, but some name such lights while others use symbols and stickers. Not everyone has the same amount of them, on the other hand, although there are some that are always there.

So that you do not get lost, we have selected all those that you can find with their corresponding meaning:

   Power: as its name suggests, this light turns green when you connect and turn on the device.

   PON and LOS: these two lights turn green and red alternately when the router is connected. You should not worry.

   Internet: If there is an Internet connection of any kind, this light will turn on. It does so continuously or blinking depending on the WiFi 機 租 router you have. That it flashes does not have to mean that the connection is unstable.

   2.4G and 5G: these two lights indicate whether the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies are working or not. The second corresponds to WiFi AC, while the first is the WiFi standard a / b / g / n in the largest part of the cases. Remember that the 5 GHz WiFi network has nothing to do with the mobile 5G that is about to arrive. They are different things.

   4G 分享器 台灣之星: if you have a 4G compatible router and SIM card, this light means you have established a connection.

   WPS: this light corresponds to the WPS button that is already on almost all routers. Its utility is to connect without having to enter a password, although during a limited time window reduces the security of your router. If it is on, that window is open.

   Phone + Number: depending on the phone connections that your router supports, you will see Phone 1, Phone 2 and so on. If you have connected the cable of your landline, you will see the light on.

   LAN + Number: As with the phone, this light comes on when you connect and use the Internet through an Ethernet cable.

   USB + Number: although there are few users that use the USB ports of your router, they are used to transfer data or load devices. If a device is connected, the USB 1, USB 2 or the corresponding light will light up.

By controlling what the lights of your router mean you can know what you have connected and detect possible problems. If there is a red light on, it means there are problems, although it does not necessarily mean a drop in the Internet connection.