Virtual Private Servers for Crypto-friendly customers

Virtual Private Servers for Crypto-friendly customers

Users nowadays are looking for virtual private servers that they can pay for by cryptocurrency. Most users have cryptocurrency within reach thanks to the multiple exchanges available online. 

Similarly, they are trying to pay for their hosting solution with cryptocurrency as well. If some of them are still confused and asking whether there are any virtual private servers for crypto-friendly customers?! 

The answer is yes, and this blog is all about that. We will be discussing how virtual private servers and dedicated hosting solutions can be paid with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Etherum (ETH). We will also discuss why crypto and decentralised currencies are better than FIAT when it comes to anonymous VPS. Let’s get started.

Why Choose VPS Servers for Hosting?

Anyone looking for a long-term hosting solution would want a VPS hosting solution that is reliable, fast, and easy to scale. That all is offered by the anonymous VPS hosting solution. In fact, VPS hosting is not only cheap but also scalable. It is the best alternative to a dedicated and shared hosting solution. 

Now, anonymous cloud VPS servers are also available in the market. They are far cheaper than VPS hosting solutions because they use a data centers as a single cloud. Users can host multiple websites in their VPS without compromising speed and quality. 

Which Crypto VPS Solution to Choose and How?

Similarly, there are multiple options available to users when searching for a VPS solution. For starters, they can choose anywhere from a shared host to a dedicated host. However, crypto-based VPS servers are in high demand because of their anonymity. is one such anonymous VPS hosting solution that offers a range of hosting packages for its users starting from 0.0010BTC to 0.0083BTC. Users can pay using FIAT currency as well. Some benefits of getting VPS servers for hosting website are: 

  • Easy scalability of websites once they reach the limit of their package
  • Faster backups and premium support
  • Disaster recovery options
  • Long-term stability and plan 
  • One-click hosting for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and other CMS users
  • Quality customer support for users with minimum turnaround time
  • BTC makes VPS anonymous. More on this below

Why is BTC Best for Choosing VPS? It is Anonymous

Bitcoins are decentralised, and they can’t be tracked by anyone – government or other non-government actors. If you are raising awareness, whistleblowing, sharing sensitive information that can put your identity at risk, then the best way to do that is with an ‘anonymous’ hosting solution. 

A Bitcoin-based hosting solution makes it easier for you to set up and launch anonymous hosting websites. You can technically pay for your hosting with BTC, ETH, or any other cryptocurrency easily.

Your data will always remain safe because the hosting solution will not even know your true identity!

Crypto vs FIAT: Which is More Economical?

Another thing to note about BTC-based hosting solutions is that it is a lot more economical than FIAT currency. Here is why:

When you pay with FIAT currency, there is a flat fee of 3% on both ends. Moreover, the government will keep its cut of 0.6% of the total value. That is 3.6% of the total taxes that you will be paying with the FIAT currency. Now, when you pay this every month for your hosting needs, the charges will just pile up.

In comparison, Bitcoin transactions are anonymous. You won’t be charged 3.6% for paying the money. You just have to pay in cryptocurrency and that is it. However, most crypto wallets do charge a fee of 0.10%. 

Now compare both 3.6% and 0.10%, you know who is the winner and more economical.

Crypto Payments for VPS Hosting are Fool-Proof

Many hackers on the internet can easily spoof your financial data when you write your card’s details online. With crypto-based payments, your data is always safe. So, hackers can’t sniff what your financial details are and they can’t steal your money. The best part? Your eCommerce payment quickly goes through, and you can enjoy your VPS host.

This case is the same as any other eCommerce payment that you pay with Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. Hackers can’t hack the BTC system because of its decentralised nature. Your data remains safe and your payments always remain secure.

Crypto Payments for VPS Hosting Support Third-World

Most in the third world do not have a bank account or the resources to create one. In some countries, banks have a clear instruction that people who have a minimum asset-base won’t be able to open an account.

That is not the case with cryptocurrencies. Anyone who can buy a cryptocurrency online can easily get a crypto wallet.

So, in a sense, crypto payments have enabled this genre to easily scale their resources, buy products online, and even educate themselves. So, in short, crypto-based payment methods are now uplifting society as a whole.

In summary, BTC VPS hosting solutions are the best way to keep yourself secure online. It is also a great way to uplift society, raise awareness about crypto support, and reduce focus on centralised currencies that can be subjected to inflation.

The best part, these BTC VPS hosting solutions keep your data private so that hackers can’t get to your financial details and your details always remain safe and sound.

Get Started with VPS Hosting Using Crypto & Bitcoins

So, let’s get started with VPS hosting using cryptocurrencies. If you are unsure how to get Virtual Private Servers for crypto-friendly customers, then look no further. Because has made it a lot easier to create and scale anonymous VPS hosting. You can easily pay with Bitcoins or any other of the 12 cryptocurrencies. Hosting services like always keeps your data private, safe, and secure.