UK organisations face significant data sharing challenges, but intend to share more anyway

Data mobility is a challenge for many organisations

Data mobility is a obstacle for quite a few organisations

Organisations are facing regulatory and other difficulties in the way they share details with partners, admitting that they face troubles outdoors their regulate. Nonetheless, most continue to strategy to share additional details in long term.

That is according to Computing‘s hottest exploration into details sharing practices.

The exploration shows that just beneath fifty percent of Uk-centered organisations share details with concerning just one and 3 exterior partners, with twenty for each cent sharing details with 4 to 6 partners, and 27 for each cent sharing details with 10 or additional.

Twenty for each cent of organisations admitted that they area consumer problems outdoors of their regulate either ‘quite frequently’, or ‘very frequently’.

Although most organisations felt that this details sharing has boosted both observability and interoperability, 21 for each cent strongly agreed with the statement that it has also presented ‘complex technical challenges’. A further more 49 for each cent mentioned that they ‘somewhat agreed’ with the statement.

The feeling grew to become even additional stark when respondents were being asked about regulatory difficulties, with 40 for each cent strongly agreeing with the statement ‘Sharing details with other people in the partner chain presents complicated regulatory challenges’. A further more 38 for each cent ‘somewhat agreed’ with the statement.

This is likely to be owing in component to the GDPR, which describes the way in which individually identifiable data can be shared.

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