To buy a new phone or to repair your old one? 

Should I Fix My Old iPhone or Buy the New One?

Breaking your phone might be one of the most gut-wrenching feelings, mainly if it results in a shattered screen or, worse, your phone has died. However, if you need to purchase a new phone or repair it, there are many reviews on the best online stores and what services they can offer you. For example, Gecko Mobile is a company that recycles phones and Apple watches and provides repair services. 

Which is better?

If you are struggling to decide whether to purchase an entirely new phone or fix your current one, hopefully, this will provide you with some insight into which option may be best. There is no definite answer. The answer is ultimately your decision. However, it is more advisable and preferably more affordable to just get your screen repaired rather than paying for an entirely new phone. Additionally, if you’re considering having your phone repaired, it is imperative to keep in mind how long the repair will take and if it will decrease the value of your phone. However, if your phone is no longer working or the damage is too severe, purchasing a new phone would be more affordable. 

Advantages of repairing your broken phone

If you are leaning more towards having your phone repaired rather than purchasing an entirely new one, here are its advantages. Firstly, fixing your phone is often the most cost-effective choice as a mobile phone is not a cheap purchase. Secondly, some repair companies offer warranties on their repairs, and therefore it can give you peace of mind if the phone continues not to work as you will be able to get your money back. Thirdly, repairing your phone might be less time consuming than actually setting up a brand new phone, which can result in running errands or doing your necessary shopping while waiting for your phone to get fixed.

Disadvantages of repairing your broken phone

While there are many advantages to getting your phone repaired, there are some disadvantages. Namely, some repair companies may not offer warranties, and therefore if your phone is still not working, you can not get your money back. Additionally, some repair companies may overcharge you. Lastly, if you need to fix your phone screen, some companies may not replace it correctly or replace it with a faulty screen, and therefore it is no longer touch-sensitive

Should you use a third party to repair your phone?

If you prefer to have your phone repaired rather than purchase a new one, the last decision is whether you take your phone to be fixed by the brand or you entrust a third-party repair company. First, understand your phone’s warranty. Most phone companies do not cover broken screens or water damage, but if there is a problem with the phone’s software, they will repair it for free. Additionally, choosing to use a third-party repair company may invalidate your phone’s warranty which can cause further issues down the line. Furthermore, a third-party repair company may seem like the cheaper option when in reality, they could end up costing you more, especially if their repair is faulty. Therefore if you are considering a third-party repair company, make sure they are well established and offer a warranty.

Having a cracked screen or broken phone is not fun, especially its inconvenience. Therefore it is imperative to think carefully about whether you would choose to purchase an entirely new phone or take the risk and get it repaired, either by the company of said phone or by a third-party repair company.