Technology Publications: Leading Websites in Germany

Technology Publications: Leading Websites in Germany

How well one enjoys technology is factored mainly by the type of technology being used, make of the product, features, and other specifications. Such information is not the kind you wait to find out when you use certain automobiles or gadgets. It should be checked out before buying any product. 

This is what technology publications are meant for – giving you all the information you need on anything related to technology. There are a lot of websites involved in technology publication in Germany, given the level of the country’s involvement in media. 

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Take a look at some of these websites in no particular order.

  • Computer BILD 

This has been identified as one of the most popular digital magazines in Germany. Every fortnight, the magazine is published and is estimated to have over 30 million views on the website. 

Topics bordering on television, HiFi and telecommunication are discussed in the magazine. Computer BILD is owned by the Axel Springer media family.

  • Internet World Business 

This is another technology publication outlet released once in two weeks. It centres on online payments, internet legislation and web-shop systems. The target audience is people who sell or promote products online.

  • Computerwoche 

Located in Munich, Germany, Computerwoche is an online publication that focuses on IT managers and businessmen who are interested in finding a meeting point between business and technology.

  • WinFuture 

If you are interested in videos, news and downloads related to everything about information technology, WinFuture is the site you should be visiting. 

Not that dating sites are not cool but you can’t let them interfere with your passion for technology updates. This online-based portal was launched about twenty-one years ago in Berlin, Germany, and is holding on to its fair share of visitors.

  • Chip Online 

Talking about the largest computer magazines in Germany without Chip is no fun. The online website publishes monthly with an estimated reach of about four hundred thousand, having PC-Welt and Computer BILD as its major competitors.

  • PC-Welt 

PC-Welt is the German-language edition of a leading US computer magazine, PC World. The monthly publications are online and the site offers advice on various aspects of personal technology products. 

The authenticity of the site is hinged on its habit of reviewing hardware and software products from various manufacturers.

It doesn’t matter if you are a lover of technology products or an ardent reader of technology publications; your needs are covered by any, and all of the aforementioned websites, especially if you’re a non-German speaker. 

Understanding the individual areas of specialization of the websites will give you an inkling as to which of them you should subscribe to. If you want to explore further websites, check out Heise Online, ComputerBase and AndroidPit. A student in Germany might even find it helpful to check out this list of libraries in Germany.