Surrogacy worldwide

The rapid technological progress contributed to the search for new ways of infertility treatment. The modern surrogacy process became worldwide known thanks to artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization technologies. One of the best ways for now to become parents is to use a surrogate mother. 

ADONIS Fertility International provides the best infertility treatment using surrogacy with the skilled embryologists and fertility specialists. 

Fully controlled process based on the intended parents’ wishes and demands – the ADONIS service helps you in every aspect of future parenting.

The main reasons to use the Surrogacy treatment:

  • Diseases that prevent from getting pregnant or carrying child 
  • The absence of principal organs which is necessary for procreation 
  • Serious pathologies of the cervix cavity 
  • Numerous unsuccessful attempts at IVF
  • Endometrium uterine changes 
  • Severe somatic ailments 

The infertility diagnosis is no more a verdict. Modern science allows a family with infertility to have a genetically connected baby. ADONIS clinic and our happy clients prove it!

The main reasons to use the ADONIS Surrogacy treatment:

  • surrogate mother selection (ADONIS has its own surrogate mother list with a confirmation of their perfect health condition and examined state)
  • high level diagnosis using the latest equipment (ADONIS own embryo laboratory with diagnosis, ultrasound diagnosis, roentgenography, capsule endoscopy, radiology, endoscopy)
  • the widest range of Surrogacy options (more than 9 essential offers with expansion)
  • special offers for international clients (flexible medical financing up to 35 000$ with ADONIS and United Medical Credit partnership)
  • transparent banking (no international wires and cash-only payments, all

banking processes are clear and convenient)

  • legal and notarization services (surrogacy agreement, surrogate mother’s statement after birth providing, child registration)
  • translation services (patient’s documents, surrogacy agreement)
  • coordination services

Moreover, you are always welcome to have additional help in matters of accommodation, airport-hotel-airport transfer, 24/7 global support.

ADONIS Surrogacy meaning your full comfort in cooperation with the best representatives of the infertility medical sphere. 

Surrogacy worldwide

By choosing between surrogacy in Canada, Israel, USA or Ukraine, it is important to consider the price/quality ratio. 

ADONIS International provides the most profitable cost of the Surrogacy programs with additional services. The best genetic heritage of Ukrainian surrogate mothers, environmental beauty and investment attractiveness of the country – are the aspects which add more allure to ADONIS clinic. 

Worldwide connection helps us to adopt the latest technologies immediately, ADONIS specialists are always in cooperation with the international professionals to make your treatment high class. ADONIS Surrogacy does not yield to Surrogacy of Canada or USA and is even more successful and attractive for patients. 

Use your chance to experience the Surrogacy treatment with ADONIS. Simple steps to begin – new beautiful life as a reward!