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The SEO industry is interesting. Every year, Google updates its search algorithm hundreds of times. SEO strategies that worked last year may not be effective this year, and methods that work today may not work tomorrow.

We can help if your website is not getting organic traffic like it did last year and you want to improve your SEO. We have outlined the best SEO strategies for 2022 in this book, covering both basic and advanced SEO strategies that will help you maintain and grow your presence in organic search.

 Let’s do this!

1) Start immediately with content optimization

For the majority of people, SEO involves continuously posting material, focusing on new keywords, and obtaining links to those pages. However, seasoned SEO experts are aware that by “content optimising” your current material, you can enhance organic traffic in a more calculated manner.

The objective of content optimization is to raise a page’s on-site meta tags, such as:

  1. Adding both primary and secondary keywords in the appropriate amounts
  2. Having the right word count
  3. Achieving excellent readability
  4. Having good meta descriptions and titles

2) Deliver a Perfect Page Experience

Page site optimization has historically been a somewhat weak ranking criterion that, naturally, SEO professionals never really took too seriously. Yes, it was important, but not more so than standard on-site optimization and straightforward link development. However, things move very quickly in the world of SEO. Recent SEO developments such as the introduction of BERT and MUM demonstrate Google’s desire to humanise its search engine by focusing its ranking algorithm on factors such, you guessed it, page site optimization.

Although links and tags are important and will remain so for as long as we can see, they are not the only things to watch out for. Google included this new measure a crucial component of the Page Experience Update when it launched in 2020.

3) Regularly repurpose and update your old content

Why not simply increase an existing page’s word count from, say, 1,200 to 2,000 if you’re finding it difficult to muster the enthusiasm to write a lengthy blog post?

There is already credibility and, in some circumstances, a readership for existing content. By updating an old post with new information and material, you can improve its performance in the search results far more quickly and easily than by starting from zero.

How then do you decide what content has to be updated?

Time-sensitive topics (i.e., those like SEO that are always changing) and those that are already receiving some organic traffic but have the potential to receive much more are the greatest candidates for content refreshes.

4) Spend Money on Your Content (and Backlinks)

The foundation of Google’s ranking algorithm has always been and always will be link development. And content is conceivably the finest technique to obtain backlinks on a broad basis.

Investments are made in creating content. In the past, businesses spent money on radio, newspaper, and magazine advertisements (they still do, by the way). They also spent money on pamphlets, billboards, and exhibit space at trade exhibitions.

The same principle governs content marketing. You must make an investment in producing in-depth, practical, and distinctive content that meets the demands of your visitors. We’re not discussing 500-word articles here. We’re discussing the production of data-driven content. 

This kind of content will not only enhance visitor engagement but also the quantity of links you will get. Just take a look at this page; we’ve included links to numerous sources that provide information on various SEO and digital marketing topics. If you write posts using data, you might experience the same thing.

Create graphics and illustrations that help the reader understand the data described in your data-driven content. 


Here is hoping you have understood the SEO strategies you need to implement now. If you have hiccups understanding how to implement them, it is best to get in touch with a reliable managed SEO provider who can come to consult you based on your SEO goals. Till then, hope you enjoy reading more such blog posts.

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