Scala.js 1.0.0 improves JavaScript interoperability

Scala.js, a dialect of the Scala programming language that compiles to JavaScript, has achieved 1.. standing immediately after 7 a long time of development. 

Unveiled February 25, the Scala.js 1.. launch promises far better runtime overall performance, far better interoperability with JavaScript libraries, and improved portability with regard to Scala and the JVM.

Having said that, observe that the 1.. launch is not binary appropriate with the .six.x model or with past milestones and launch candidates of the 1.x collection. Libraries should be recompiled and republished applying the 1.. model. Numerous core Scala/Scala.js libraries previously have been made accessible for Scala 1…

Scala.js compiles Scala source code to equivalent JavaScript code, enabling developers to generate Scala code that can run in a browser and in other environments wherever JavaScript is supported. 

Scala is a practical, object-oriented language for the JVM. It has been leveraged in the Akka toolkit for dispersed purposes.

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