Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 (13.5-inch, AMD) review: Sleek, stylish, speedy and sensible Review

Microsoft’s 2nd AMD-based mostly system and 2nd Secured-main system combine in the new Surface Notebook 4,…

Microsoft’s 2nd AMD-based mostly system and 2nd Secured-main system combine in the new Surface Notebook 4, which retains the familiar trim styling but adds more electricity inside of the scenario. 

We seemed at the ‘for Business’ version of the Area Notebook 4 — particularly the AMD-powered matte-black 13.five-inch product with 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD. This expenses £1,629 (inc. VAT) or $1,699.ninety nine and will come with Home windows ten Pro and more developed-in security administration. IT departments will like the protection and administration that is delivered out of the box. People will like the overall performance and battery lifetime that be part of the sleek design and extended battery lifetime familiar from the Surface Notebook three, as nicely as the lovely monitor.  

Style & features 

As opposed to other Area designs that aspect folding or detaching screens, the Area Notebook has, as the name implies, a common laptop design — albeit a extremely slim, sleek and lightweight one particular that is also exceptionally sturdy. As and when we all get started travelling all over again, you will have no worries throwing this in a backpack, and the hinge is extremely nicely intended: it really is quick to open with one particular hand, but retains the monitor rigid having said that vigorously you swipe or tap the touchscreen. 

Area Notebook 4: 13.five-inch or fifteen-inch, AMD or Intel, as well as a assortment of colors and finishes.

Photographs: Microsoft

The Area Notebook 4 is offered in 13.five-inch and fifteen-inch designs, in metal or Microsoft’s Alcantara fabric (the very same platinum, sandstone, ice blue and matte black selections as the past product) and with AMD Ryzen or eleventh-generation Intel Core processors. Many selections of memory and storage mean a array of pricing from £999/$999.ninety nine for the 13.five-inch AMD Ryzen five 4680U consumer product with 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD up to £2,379/$two,399.ninety nine for the fifteen-inch Core i7-1185G7 business product with 32GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD.  

You can decide on the overall performance and storage you want, but there are no underpowered configurations here and the price ranges are competitive. The build good quality is also fantastic. 


The three:two element ratio, 201ppi PixelSense touchscreen is a spotlight of the Area Notebook 4.

Picture: Microsoft

The two,256-by-1,504 PixelSense display screen on the 13.five-inch product (201ppi) has a larger resolution than the FHD (1080p) panels widespread on this sort of ultraportable, with really lovely colors and contrast for so slim a monitor. The three:two element ratio also presents more vertical area for paperwork, net webpages and artwork. Microsoft will not contain a pen, but the Area Pen (£99.ninety nine/$ninety nine.ninety nine) performs on the touchscreen, despite the fact that it really is a minor uncomfortable to flip the laptop sideways and draw on the monitor. 

Major ZDNET Opinions

The Dolby Atmos-capable speakers are concealed beneath the keyboard, and even though the bass will not rattle your chest if you might be gaming, there is certainly a lot of quantity: audio and video clips — as nicely as your colleagues on a Staff or Zoom call — audio very excellent. There is a lover, but it really is exceptionally silent. 


USB-A, USB-C and three.5mm audio — that is all you get, apart from the proprietary Area Link port.

Picture: Microsoft

Unusually, the SSD is replaceable, despite the fact that that is more for replacing a broken push (and heading by way of company details destruction policies) than for upgrades. The ports can be politely explained as minimum: one particular USB-C, one particular USB-A and a three.5mm headphone jack, as well as the common magnetic Area Link electricity port (which indicates you do not get rid of a USB-C port to electricity and can continue on to use older Area electricity supplies if your organisation has these). For wi-fi connectivity, there is certainly Bluetooth five and the most recent Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax). 

There is no rear-going through digicam, just the front-going through 720p webcam (average resolution but first rate picture good quality and color replica), and the Home windows Hi there biometric digicam for quickly facial authentication. The Area Notebook 4 wakes even in advance of you get the clamshell open, many thanks to a sensor that detects the monitor opening, so you might be having into Home windows extremely speedily — and most other issues on the product are just as quickly. 


We’re employed to contemplating of the Surface Book as the overall performance product in the Area line-up and the Notebook as a more lightweight system. Which is undoubtedly correct when it will come to body weight and heft: the 13.five-inch Area Guide three weighs 1.5kg, or 1.9kg for the fifteen-inch product, even though the Area Notebook 4 is thinner and lighter at 1.3kg and 1.5kg respectively. But the (marginally customised) AMD Ryzen 7 4980U CPU has 8 cores and sixteen threads versus 4 cores and 8 threads on a Core i7-1065G7 Area Guide three, and a larger foundation frequency (2GHz versus 1.3GHz), with Radeon GFX902 graphics alternatively than Iris, and the benchmarks we ran confirmed a great deal larger overall performance. 

Even on the well balanced battery overall performance profile, our Geekbench 5 results ended up exceptionally outstanding — as extended as the Notebook 4 was plugged in. Sacrifice a minor battery lifetime by switching the electricity profile and overall performance will get even superior. But tests on battery alternatively than plugged in dropped overall performance by about fifty percent for single main and GPU overall performance, and a third for the (even now outstanding) multi-main overall performance. 


Data: Mary Branscombe / Chart: ZDNet

The SSD overall performance was alternatively more average — a third to a fifty percent slower than the Area Guide three SSD (despite the fact that the variance is a minor less serious if you select the authentic-world profile in CrystalDiskMark). SSD overall performance is also a minor slower on battery. It can be also worthy of noting that even though we measured the variance in benchmark speeds, we didn’t truly see any authentic variance in overall performance in programs when jogging on battery, so these optimisations have been sensitively performed. And they do make a variance. 


The Area Notebook 4’s SSD overall performance (authentic world profile) is marginally slower when jogging on battery electricity (earlier mentioned, proper).

Photographs: Mary Branscombe / ZDNet

Microsoft statements 19 hrs battery lifetime for the AMD Area Notebook 4 (and 17h for the Intel product), albeit at a extremely low monitor brightness and with that marginally decreased overall performance. Right after performing in Word, OneNote and several net webpages for forty five minutes on the well balanced electricity program with monitor brightness at 53% we had to look at that the electricity cable wasn’t truly plugged in due to the fact it was even now reading through 100% battery lifetime. Right after an hour, the moment we begun leaving Twitter open on-monitor and actively playing audio saved in OneDrive with out copying the information down 1st, it lastly dropped to 97%. 

Above two workdays with identical combined use, we came close to fourteen hrs of battery lifetime. Which is heading to range with the workload you use, and particularly the electricity profile and monitor brightness. Still, the Area Notebook 4 will more than take care of an 8-ten hour performing day and keep heading into the night. 


Area Notebook 4’s keyboard features constrained essential journey and a somewhat spongy come to feel, which may possibly divide viewpoint.

Picture: Microsoft


One region exactly where the Area Notebook 4 disappoints is the keyboard. While the keyboard occupies an region fractionally wider than the that on even the fifteen-inch Area Guide three, the unique keytops are a portion lesser. They have a great deal less journey (despite the fact that even now more than a MacBook Pro and considerably more than the M1 MacBook Pro). The motion of the keys feels a minor deadened in contrast to the optimistic motion of the Area Guide keys, so we observed typing on it less nice and a minor less exact. Which is a extremely personalized judgement nevertheless, and some customers may possibly desire the softer, spongier come to feel. 

We do like the extremely slight rake on the keyboard from the mild wedge form of the foundation, and the 3 stages of keyboard backlight are useful in darkish rooms. And the exceptionally significant precision trackpad is fantastic — clean and responsive. 

We didn’t have important glare problems with the shiny monitor, but we did see vivid reflections from the even glossier bezels.  

If you’ve attempted and favored a Area Notebook three, the design you favored is even now here, with improvements. If you ended up dissatisfied by the SL3’s overall performance or battery lifetime, Microsoft has designed important improvements with out shedding the slimline design or the polished come to feel.  


The Area Notebook 4 is not a budget alternative, but it really is sleek and strong with fantastic battery lifetime and a lovely monitor in a extremely portable package. What you might be having is a well balanced system that is tuned to give you a smart trade-off among overall performance and battery lifetime, but you if you require the more overall performance you can give up a minor battery lifetime. You do not get the two-in-1 pill solutions of other Area designs, but it really is a great all-rounder for the more common structure. 

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