Let’s talk about the SD-WAN Managed Solution

Let’s talk about the SD-WAN Managed Solution
Let’s talk about the SD-WAN Managed Solution

Software-Defined – Wide Area Network (WAN) is a solution that uses a Software Defined Network (SDN) technology that is applied to a company’s WAN infrastructure. With SDN technology, network device functions are implemented in software, which allows them to run on the same hardware device. The control function of SD-WAN solutions is cloud-based so that the configuration can be adjusted via the cloud as needed. That way this solution is cheaper than the previous WAN technology devices such as routers, firewalls, switches, etc.

SD-WAN Managed Solutions includes

  1. MPLS solution with internet backup link

The reliability of the inter-branch network can be increased by using a public internet network which is cheaper, thus increasing the service uptime.

  1. WAN security via the internet

With SD-WAN, it is possible to connect WAN between branches through the cheaper internet network, but with the same level of security as a private network such as MPLS.

  1. Merging multiple links into one unit

SD-WAN can combine several links into a single unit, thereby increasing the reliability and quality of network access. Merging MPLS with the internet or two internet links to two different ISPs.

  1. Zero Touch Provisioning

SD-WAN allows a fast provisioning process, due to the ZTP feature. The device will be sent to the location, and the installation is done by simply connecting the device to the network, the rest will run automatically.

  1. SD-WAN components

In general, there are 3 components of the SD-WAN infrastructure, namely, SD-WAN Manager / Controller, Hub, and Spoke. The controller is in the cloud system, the Hub is the connection destination of Spoke, and the Spoke is a device that is placed in a branch office location.

  1. Managed SD-WAN & Network Integration

Our service is Managed Service, so you don’t need to buy SD-WAN devices. We work with partners of Telecommunication Operators and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) so that our solutions can be integrated with MPLS and Internet services.

The benefits and benefits of Managed SD-WAN include

  1. Cheaper Costs

SD-WAN is software-based so that network device functions can be integrated into one piece of hardware.

  1. Easy and fast installation

With the Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) feature, the installation and provisioning process can be done quickly and easily because they are controlled via the cloud.

  1. Reliable

The ability to combine various types of communication media channels, such as mpls, internet, and even wireless connections such as 4G, makes SD-WAN more reliable than previous traditional devices.

  1. Secure

Advanced SD-WAN products can not only perform routing functions but also serve as firewalls and even Next-Generation Firewalls (NG-FW) which have advanced security features to maintain network security.

  1. Flexible

SD-WAN is easy to operate and flexible in application. Functions are defined using the software, so any changes can be made quickly and easily.