How to search Twitter with rtweet and R

Twitter is a good supply of information about R — primarily during conferences like Consumer! and RStudio Convention. And many thanks to R and the rtweet deal, you can establish your individual device to download tweets for easy looking, sorting, and filtering. Let’s acquire a glimpse, phase by phase.

First you want to put in any of the rtweet project’s packages you never now have: rtweet, reactable, glue, stringr, httpuv, and dplyr. Then to start off, load rtweet and dplyr.

# If you need to put in any of these:
# put in.packages("rtweet")
# put in.packages("reactable")
# put in.packages("glue")
# put in.packages("stringr")
# put in.packages("httpuv")
# put in.packages("dplyr")
# put in.packages("purrr")

Authorize the Twitter API

To use rtweet, you need a Twitter account so you can authorize rtweet to use your particular account credentials. That is because there is a limit to how several tweets you can download in a 15-moment time period.

Michael Kearney, who wrote rtweet, gives rtweet end users two options. The best way is to only ask for some tweets. If there are not credentials saved on your system, a browser window should open inquiring you to authorize the ask for. Soon after that, an authorization token will be saved in your .Renviron file so you never have to re-authorize in the upcoming.

You can go to rtweet.facts to see the other method, which includes location up a Twitter developer account and a new job to make authorization credentials. If you are going to use rtweet a lot, you are going to possibly want to do that. But to start off, the less difficult way is, well, less difficult.

Import tweets

To search for tweets with a particular hashtag (or phrase that is not a hashtag), you use the intuitively named search_tweets() operate. It takes numerous arguments, which include the question, such as #rstudioconf or #rstats regardless of whether you want to consist of retweets and the selection of tweets to return. The selection defaults to a hundred.

Whilst you can acquire up to eighteen,000 tweets within 15 minutes, there is an vital restriction when applying the Twitter API to search for a word or phrase: search final results only go back six to 9 times unless you shell out for a top quality Twitter API account. Contrary to the Twitter internet site, you can’t use rtweet to search for tweets from a conference very last calendar year. You will not be capable to search two weeks right after a conference to get individuals tweets. So you are going to want to make sure to save tweets you pull now that you may possibly want in the upcoming.

There are additional arguments you can use to customize your search, but let’s start off with a simple search: 200 tweets with the #rstudioconf hashtag, without the need of retweets.