How to Navigate the Best Mattress Financing: Know the Basics of Consumer Behavior and the Science of Sales Integrity to Find Your Best Deal

How to Navigate the Best Mattress Financing: Know the Basics of Consumer Behavior and the Science of Sales Integrity to Find Your Best Deal


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We’ve all been there. You really need a new bed, piece of furniture, appliance, etc., but you just don’t quite have the funds for that price tag. And while there are alternatives like financing available, it can be tricky to understand how it all works, and difficult to know ahead of time whether you could even actually qualify.  

So how can you unravel the mystery of mattress financing and/or other types of deals to find out whether you can take that mattress home today? And how can you be sure you’re getting the best deal possible and not just being manipulated by sales tactics? We explored some of the most popular financing plans offered for beds currently to learn how they work and what a mattress shopper needs to know. We’ll also peek at the basics of consumer behavior and sales integrity in general.   

The basics of consumer behavior

No matter what you are selling, understanding consumer behavior is essential to successful sales. Marketers carefully study this behavior to fine-tune their own skills and methods. When and why people spend their money is of particular interest to marketers, with an emphasis on how shoppers respond to different marketing styles or techniques. Some mattress store reps know how shoppers think and they leverage all types of sales tricks to get you to pay top dollar. 

It’s kind of a brain thing 

When we buy something new, our brains get hit with a fresh rush of dopamine, a feel-good neurotransmitter, which registers in our memory as something pleasurable. Since we enjoyed it, we’re likely to enjoy it again, so shopping sprees are understandably popular.  

It’s also irrational and emotional 

When non-essential items are being purchased, meaning products that are wanted but not necessarily needed, consumers tend to spend more irrationally, and are thus prone to the influence of emotion or trends. They’ll often buy things they feel will improve their social status, make them feel better overall, or improve their appearance. They tend to buy things on sale for half off or indulge in other types of deals, even though they don’t need the products. Some mattress stores will mark up products just to mark them back down to show a “sale.” Then they’ll leverage your vulnerabilities to get you to sign a financing plan that might not have your best interests in mind. 

It’s partly instinctual 

Fear and anxiety can lead to something called panic buying, which was observed during recent periods of the pandemic as well. Partially a result of herd mentality, which is primarily influenced by emotion and instinct, people may see others stocking up beyond necessity on canned goods, toilet paper, and bottled water and follow suit themselves. This gives a certain sense of control to folks feeling out of control in unfamiliar situations. 

And it occasionally takes an unexpected turn  

As the ongoing pandemic lingers, many consumers have started buying less overall and spending primarily online. And even though current shipping delays and supply chain issues warn of possible late or missing products for this year’s holiday gift purchases, most consumers (57%) have not yet changed their holiday shopping behavior — they’re still planning on shopping at the same time or even later than in seasons past. What’s more? Record spending is anticipated this holiday shopping season.

The concept of sales integrity has grown popular amidst the stressors of a global pandemic 

Even as consumer behavior remains the focus of many, there is an increasingly growing trend toward a more sincere, authentic style of sales occurring today as well. Sales integrity has become a popular concept as the pandemic lingers and customers look for something a little more endearing and a little less deceptive in their shopping experience. 

The science of sales integrity  

Zig Ziglar, the well-known master salesperson, once said that, “The most important persuasion tool you have in your entire arsenal is your integrity.” Ziglar, along with many of a similar mindset, agreed that ethical sales behavior is the key to developing quality relationships with customers.  

Today’s shoppers don’t have time for manipulation 

In today’s shopping environment, with the losses and hardships of the pandemic still in the front of everyone’s minds, consumers are weary of anything less than honest interactions. To better meet their needs, there is a current trend toward sales integrity, in which empathy and authenticity are vital components. 

Authentic sales with integrity are catching on  

When shopping today, if the sales experience feels inauthentic, consumers may be less likely to complete transactions or return for more products — and they definitely won’t be telling their friends about the great new store they just found (more likely you’ll be getting a Yelp review stating just the opposite). So how can you balance the need for integrity with the need to do what your job description demands that you do and make a sale? 

Low-stress, loyalty-building sales techniques are preferred in these times 

Less direct sales techniques such as the soft sell are proving to be a winning strategy in this new principled environment. Long-term, more profitable relationships with consumers are more desired today, making this type of technique advantageous.  

What are soft sell techniques?

Where a hard sell is more forceful and high-pressure, a soft cell is just the opposite. Those who opt for this type of strategy are generally more trustworthy as a rule, and they seem to gravitate toward the technique itself because it’s designed to win not only sales, but also loyalty, through low-stress, friendly persuasion. But the good news is: others can learn, too! 

How is the soft sell done? 

The traits necessary for genuine soft cell tactics to work include empathy, sincerity, good problem-solving skills, open communication, and the willingness to act in the best interest of the shopper, trying to help fulfill their needs. Most of all? Making the sale with integrity is paramount. By providing accurate and thorough information (no partial truths), making sure the shopper’s needs are understood, and leaving the manipulative sales techniques at home, today’s more sincere sales force can make their mark and excel, even in the midst of an ongoing pandemic. 

Compare Mattress Financing Options:

Mattress Store Financing:

Denver Mattress Financing

·       Uses Furniture Row Credit Card! For financing powered by Synchrony

·       No Down Payment except amount equal to sales tax and delivery.

Mattress Firm Financing Plans   

·       Uses Mattress Firm card powered by Synchrony Bank

·       No annual fee Interest Rate: 29.99% variable APR Recommended Credit Scores: 400+ Fees: Late Payment Fee: $38 Introductory Rate: 0% APR for up to 60 months Balance Transfer Rate: 0% APR for up to 60 months

·       at least a 630-credit score recommended.

Mattress Warehouse Financing Plans

1.     Synchrony Financial

·       Subject to credit approval

·       Minimum monthly payments required

2.     Acima Financial

·   No Credit Needed

·   90 day payment option

3.     Lay-A-Way

·       No minimum payments

·       Lock in a sale price by paying just 10% down.

·       Pay it off within 6 months

Mattress One Financing

·       Uses Acima Financial

·       no minimum credit score requirement 

Online Mattress Brand Financing Comparison


Financing option: Pay over 3 to 24 months

financing via Affirm and Splitit

Pay monthly without credit 

Rates from 0% APR 


Financing options: 6-month, 12-month, or 18-month financing plans

financing via Affirm and Splitit

Down payment may be required

Rates from 0-30% APR 

Bear Mattress

Financing option: pay over 6, 12 or 18 months

financing via Affirm and pay back

Rates from at 0-30%* APR. 


Financing option: Pay over 6, 12 or 24 months

financing via Affirm, klarna

Rates from 0% – 24.95% APR 


Financing option: Pay over 18 months

financing via, klarna

no hard credit check, there’s no impact to your credit.

Rates as low as 0% APR 

Eight Sleep

Financing option: over 36-months

financing via Affirm

Subject to credit check and approval. In cases of partial approval

a down payment may be required

Rates at 0% APR 

Helix Mattress

Financing option: 0% APR if paid in full within 6 to 12 months

financing via, klarna

No credit required, can be approved for up to $3,500


financing option: pay over3, 6 or 12 months

financing through Affirm

 rates range from 0-30%.

 Zero Interest 


financing option: 6-48 month payment plans with Affirm and 2-24 months with Splitit

financing through Affirm and Splitit

Subject to eligibility check and approval

A down payment may be required

Rate at 0% APR 


financing via, klarna

Pay as low as $50 per month

no hard credit check, there’s no impact to your credit.

Rate 0% APR if you pay in full within up to 36 months

Common Mattress Financing Questions 

Next, we went in for the answers to some of the frequently asked questions on the topic to help shoppers get clarity on their financing alternatives: 

Make sure you understand your options, including unfamiliar terms 

First and foremost, if you’re confused, ask questions until you understand. If you don’t understand what the salesperson is telling you, leave the store and look it up online, call a knowledgeable friend, or consider contacting a trusted bank or financial consultant.  

This would apply to a variety of unfamiliar financing terms and deals, such as those found in the following FAQ: 

No. This type of financing is called third party financing, and there is no credit check involved like there would be with traditional financing — so your credit score will not be impacted. However, if you find yourself unable to keep the payments required in the future, that could be reflected on your credit report and affect your score. 

If you need to pay for your mattress in payments rather than paying for it in full at the time of purchase, you are using financing. There are usually several financing options you can choose from, such as using your credit card (which you’ll pay off in payments), getting a small personal loan from the credit union or bank of your choosing (which you’ll also pay off in payments), or using the financing offered by the mattress store. Depending upon your credit, may be easy to get financing. If your credit is bad, lease-to-own options may work out better for you, even though they may have higher fees, as they don’t run credit checks and won’t ding your credit score. 

Several financing programs are currently offering deals at 0% interest for increasing longer periods of time as mattress companies become more competitive. For online purchases, buy now/pay later services like Afterpay, Klarna, Affirm, and others typically offer deals split into four equal payments (three will usually be made after the initial point of sale payment). Affirm is among the best because they don’t charge late fees, and you’ll know what fees you’ll need to pay upfront. 

Financing rates can vary substantially, as can the other details involve with the deal. Pay careful attention to all parts of the offer, including not only the financing rate, but other fees, the number of payments offered, etc. The financing rate, which may also be known as the interest rate, can be as low as the 0% we mentioned earlier, up to 20% or higher depending upon your credit and the service you’re working with. Remember to pay your balance by the date the 0% rate ends or you could be required to pay back all the interest you thought you’d avoided. Get clarity on how many payments you’ll have to make, how many months you have to pay, any additional fees, and how much interest will accumulate overall.  

If you use traditional financing, your monthly payment will be the remaining amount owed (after you pay at the time of purchase) with the interest rate added in, divided into the number of monthly payments either that you have chosen or are allowed by the service, bank, or credit union.  

For lease-to-own options, you won’t be charged interest. Instead, your monthly payment will be the full purchase price of the mattress, plus any leasing fees added in, divided by the remaining number of payments. Lease-to-own programs may also offer the option to buyout early with a discount on your total payment amount.  

Sometimes people walk past a mattress if they see the price tag says $2,500. But they might linger over the deal if it says $89 per month or 0% interest for 18 months — even though the total price would end up being more than $2,500. Be sure to look over the deals being offered carefully to make sure you understand them and use your calculator to figure out how much you’ll pay overall if you agree to the offer. This makes it harder to be tricked into a financing offer you don’t really want.  

GhostBed Mattress Financing Deal 0% APR 5-Years

Let’s take a close look at an offer for a Ghostbed from Affirm:

This offer is geared toward low or no credit shoppers and gives you 0% interest (or APR) for up to 60 months, or 5 whole years, if your purchase is at least $4,000. It also offers the same 0% APR for 4 years with a $3,000 minimum payment. It starts November 1st and runs until December 3rd. 

Since the offer gives a long period without interest added in, shoppers can feel confident that they should be able to pay off the full balance by the due date. Just make sure you do that by marking the dates on your calendar or planner, so you don’t forget to start making payments. 

Deals like this make the Ghost Smartbed worth a second look, since the price of the mattress – even the Twin XL size — meets the requirements for the offer. 

5 Year = 60 Months 0% APR

3k+ minimum purchase = 4 years 0% APR

4k+ minimum purchase = 5 year 0% APR

Valid now and ongoing offer! 

Low credit – No credit  

High approval for bad credit runs until Dec 3rd. 

In any case, we hope this short guide gives you some idea of how consumer behaviors are studied, how marketers and other professions learn sales techniques and what some of them are, and how the current pandemic has prompted greater integrity in sales and financing. Hopefully it gave you a greater understanding of certain aspects of financing as well. Be sure to come back to this space regularly for updates and we wish you the best navigating the holiday shopping experience this year. Happy shopping!


Data compiled as of 11/1/2021. All financing rates an information is subject to change. Please see the source for updated rates and payment plans. Also please seek the advice of a certified financial planner when making a big purchase for your household to ensure you can afford the monthly payments. Rates as low as 0% APR and is no guarantee that all consumers will qualify.