ESR cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: Protection and utility for less than $21

ESR also sent along a two pack of its Tempered Glass Full Screen Protector, available for $15.99.

Installation was easy with everything included in the package. Clean off the display with the alcohol wipe, then dry it lint-free with the microfiber cloth, position the guide frame, and then set the protector in place.

There is an area on the protector where the in-display fingerprint sensor is with sticky material, like we see along the edges, and I believe this is designed to support the fingerprint sensor. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the fingerprint sensor to work even after two attempts at installing the screen protector.

I even tried to retrain my fingerprints with the screen protector in place as that sometimes works with in-display sensors. However, that did not work for me so I would not recommend this screen protector unless you never use the fingerprint sensor.

Even then though, there is a circular area that shows up on the display where the fingerprint sensor is located, whether the display is on or off.