Egypt’s Massive 1.8-Gigawatt Benban Solar Park Nears Completion

Amid the sand dunes of the jap Sahara, personnel are putting the ending touches on 1 of the world’s largest solar installations. There, as a lot of as 7.2 million photovoltaic panels will make up Benban Solar Park—a renewable power project so substantial, it will be obvious from room. 

The one.eight-gigawatt set up is the to start with utility-scale PV plant in Egypt, a country blessed with some of the very best solar resources on the world. The formidable project is aspect of Egypt’s attempts to raise its era capacity and include extra renewable sources into the mix. 

“I feel Benban Solar Park is the to start with real action to set Egypt on the solar creation planet map,” suggests Mohamed Orabi, a professor of electric power electronics at Aswan University.