Coros POD review: Advanced running metrics, including power analysis

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While I’m not created for velocity more than prolonged distances, I enjoy to get outside the house and run in purchase to maintain my health and fitness and get a crack from the stress of a occupied everyday living. The Coros Vertix GPS adventure observe is one particular of my beloved wearable purchases and for the past pair of months I have been screening the new Coros POD (Functionality Optimization Gadget). It is really out there now for $sixty nine.99 or $forty nine.99 with the buy of a observe.

The Coros POD is a tiny machine that clips onto the back of your waistband and then connects to your Coros GPS observe or smartphone through Bluetooth/ANT+. It weighs in at just 19 grams, is waterproof to 1 ATM (10m/32 ft), and is driven by a CR2032 battery that need to previous a yr with two several hours of use for each working day.

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I was very intrigued in screening out the Coros POD principally to try out and evaluate the electricity metric. Currently I have been working with the Vantage V and Stryd working electricity meter in purchase to measure and train with electricity. Given that I reside on a hill and run hills each and every time I go outside the house to run, I like utilizing electricity rather than heart level to train.

Coros POD retail bundle and set up

The Coros POD will come in a tiny box with the pod, silicone clip case, and CR2032 battery. Remove the POD from the silicone clip case, open up up the back, and insert the battery as shown in the bundle. When you reinsert the POD into the silicone clip case you require to make confident that the C in Coros is at the top rated where by the waistband clip shut conclusion is located. This make sure the correct orientation of the POD for correct measurements.

You can use Bluetooth to pair the Coros POD instantly with your smartphone by means of the Coros application and run with your telephone and the POD to measure all of your working metrics. You don’t really require a Coros GPS observe to use the POD if you like to run with your telephone rather.

I desire to run with a GPS observe so made use of ANT+ to pair my Coros VERTIX with the POD. You simply go into Process > Components on the observe and pick to Incorporate ANT+ machine.

The Coros POD goes into sleep mode when not in energetic use. You can shake it to wake it up or just clip onto the heart of your back waistband and commence working to activate it routinely. As prolonged as you produced the link to your telephone or observe it need to commence recording as soon as you commence working.

Coros POD metrics

The Coros POD will deliver the pursuing superior metrics:

  • Running electricity: The level of energy measured in working. Polar, Garmin, Stryd, and other individuals now measure working electricity and there is no regular across units. However, inside a system you can watch progress and match electricity to heart level zones. The Coros POD is one particular of the most instructive devices as it supplies horizontal electricity, vertical (form) electricity, and lateral electricity. Horizontal electricity is the most essential one particular as it steps your forward movement. Elite runners may possibly have eighty{d11068cee6a5c14bc1230e191cd2ec553067ecb641ed9b4e647acef6cc316fdd} horizontal electricity with 70{d11068cee6a5c14bc1230e191cd2ec553067ecb641ed9b4e647acef6cc316fdd} for superior runners. I’m in the low 60s so there is home for enhancement. You want lateral electricity, movement from remaining to suitable, to be as low as doable for the best working effectiveness.
  • Run effectiveness: This is the ratio of velocity to electricity-to-body weight and will raise as you decide on up velocity. When muscles tire then effectiveness will decrease. The Coros POD offers the knowledge in graphical form.
  • Cadence: The number of actions a runner normally takes for each minute. Cadence is an appealing metric as there are approaches to make improvements to your general performance by altering your cadence.
  • L/R stability: The percentage of floor time put in on each foot. I’m just .4{d11068cee6a5c14bc1230e191cd2ec553067ecb641ed9b4e647acef6cc316fdd} from completely well balanced, which shows good stability.
  • Stride height: The volume your physique bounces vertically with each action, measured with significantly less than five cm getting fantastic.
  • Stride ratio: A superior measure of effectiveness as it steps stride height to stride size and you want to decrease the volume of vertical movement as you propel your self forward.
  • Stride size: The distance from heel to heel when you get two actions. Quite a few runners overstride imagining it will raise velocity, but it may possibly really raise the risk of personal injury so an correct measure can be critical to protected working.
  • Ground time: Measures the volume of time that each of your ft are in make contact with with the floor. Sophisticated runners have shorter floor time with elite runners as brief as 180ms. My floor time is about 320ms more than the past pair months.

Cadence, typical cadence, stride size, typical stride size, lap stride size, floor time, L/R stability, stride height, stride ratio, run effectiveness, and working electricity can all be picked as fields to exhibit on your Coros GPS observe although you run. Checking these although working is important to improving your effectiveness and working general performance.

Cadence and stride size are out there for Coros GPS smartwatches devoid of the Coros POD, but the other metrics that help you have an understanding of and make improvements to in these places are only offered when you link a POD.

Running with the Coros Pod

The Coros POD clips onto your waistband at the heart of your back and is so light you will not even detect it is there. Sad to say, I threw my working shorts in the washer 2 times with the Coros POD even now connected and it went by means of a total wash cycle at the time and a 50 {d11068cee6a5c14bc1230e191cd2ec553067ecb641ed9b4e647acef6cc316fdd} cycle the other time. The dark shade would not stand out, but I see there is now a reminder that pops up on the observe following you conclusion your run so you are warned to remove it before washing your clothing. The superior thing is the 1 ATM h2o resistance implies it even now works completely.

Soon after first set up with my Coros VERTIX, it connects and information the knowledge devoid of any energy on my part. I have set up a couple metrics to exhibit on the VERTIX as I run, but am even now experimenting with the best ones as I get the job done to make improvements to my working effectiveness.

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While I enjoy all of the metrics that are captured and the definitions are practical, it would be good to have some kind of coaching software package to help runners modify unique areas to make improvements to on their effectiveness. I have carried out searches with the knowledge in hand to try to figure out how to make improvements to in a variety of metrics and am finding a bit greater.

It is also good to view the metrics in the Coros application on your telephone following runs, but I have it set to sync to Strava and only some of the knowledge is transferred there for additional monitoring and investigation. Coros also supports TrainingPeaks, RQ, WeRun, Final Surge, and Relive so I will have to take a look at these other applications to try to locate out if all of this good Coros POD knowledge is usable in one particular of these solutions.

The Coros Application lets you view unique runs, but there is no support for working historic experiences to observe developments for these a variety of metrics. The application does support viewing week, month, and yr experiences for lots of other metrics, but not these working specifics captured by the POD. Then again, the POD is new and Coros has a good observe record for updates and improvements in its watches so it can be doable we will see additional in the long run.

The Coros POD is a good accent for runners seeking to make improvements to their effectiveness and general performance. It offers some fantastic instructional knowledge for each of us and at $70 is surely worthy of thinking about. I’m now making an attempt to locate 50 {d11068cee6a5c14bc1230e191cd2ec553067ecb641ed9b4e647acef6cc316fdd} marathon coaching options that support working electricity as the metric for coaching and will then want to see alerts and other means to keep me in particular zones although coaching.