Brita vs ZeroWater: Two water filter pitcher systems compared

H2o is important for our wellness. It nourishes important system organs like your kidneys, safeguards your skin, and can even facilitate excess weight loss. With all its rewards, it is essential that you find the suitable water filtration process.

Both equally Brita and ZeroWater are effectively-known names when it will come to water, but with so several models to decide on from, it can be tough to discern which water pitcher filter process is finest for your home.

When comparing Brita vs. ZeroWater water filter pitcher techniques, this is all the things you need to have to know.

At a glance

Ideal when you want possibilities


Brita has been around for a prolonged time, getting been proven in 1966. In spite of its prolonged historical past, Brita continues to evolve. Now, it features premium water filter pitcher techniques that involve thirteen water filter pitchers.

Brita filters goal damaging minerals and substances frequently discovered in tap water. They are specifically intended to remove 99% of the guide in your water, whilst also removing other harmful contaminants like cyanide, cadmium, copper, and mercury. H2o filter techniques also guard towards the disagreeable taste and odor that will come from surplus chlorine. 

With its Longlast+ filter, Brita features some of the extended filter life in the full industry. Although its Standard filters are in line with its competitors at a two-month lifespan, the Longlast+ filters can give you up to 6 months of use right before a substitute is essential. This will save you numerous bucks in filter replacements.  

Brita filter comparison


Brita filters carry an unconditional 100% income-back again assurance for the first thirty times from order, in addition to a a person-12 months guarantee. 

Client Assist

Brita purchaser guidance is obtainable by calling one-800-24-BRITA.

Other merchandise obtainable

Ideal when you want premium filtration



ZeroWater does not present tons of unique merchandise. In its place, it features just two possibilities: water filter pitchers and water filter dispensers. It is known for its signature five-phase filtration process, a approach proven to supply virtually complete removing of the damaging contaminants in your water. Nonetheless, the added filtration slows the process down, offering a lessen stream charge of 6.5 ounces per minute.

On its web-site, ZeroWater features a handy look for device that allows you to test your area water supply with a TDS examining. Your order also features a totally free water excellent meter, a bonus that will come with all ZeroWater water filter pitchers and dispensers. Nonetheless, ZeroWater sells its water filter pitchers in different ways than the typical water filter. Its water filter pitchers are marketed as an full process that features your pitcher and a few filters. Your order immediately enrolls you in the ZeroWater substitute application. This subscription-primarily based assistance allows you to acquire substitute filter deliveries on a recurring basis of each and every a person, two, or four months. Each individual substitute purchase prices $29.99, in addition delivery.

ZeroWater filter comparison


ZeroWater features a limited 90-day production assurance for its water filter pitcher techniques. If a defect is discovered within ninety times of order, ZeroWater will switch the parts at no price tag. To file a ZeroWater claim, you can phone one-800-503-2939 or use the web-site make contact with sort. 

Other merchandise obtainable

Comparison: Brita vs. ZeroWater



Quantity of water filter pitchers



Common range of filters offered



Price array

$20 – $40

$20 – $50

Ability array

6 – 12 cups

6 – 12 cups

Greatest filter capability

40 – one hundred twenty gallons

20 gallons

Approximate filter life

Standard: 2 months

Stream: 2 months

Longlast+: 6 months

2 months


one-12 months guarantee

30-day income-back again assurance

90-day company defect assurance

Filtration techniques

Both equally Brita and ZeroWater water pitcher filter techniques use filtration techniques that have been examined and proven to remove a whole host of damaging contaminants in your normal water supply. Nonetheless, Brita filters tend to emphasis much more on chlorine and guide removing, whilst ZeroWater usually takes a much more detailed technique. ZeroWater targets a better quantity of contaminants, with screening revealing a substantially better removing charge than Brita. 

Contaminant removing

Practically much more essential than the removing itself is the form of materials that are taken out from your water. ZeroWater features a clear-cut listing of crucial contaminants taken out together with added written content percentages, whilst Brita is much more imprecise about the added facts of its screening.

In comparing ZeroWater’s 5-phase filtration compared to Brita’s two-phase filtration, ZeroWater outperforms in nearly each and every class. 















Filter life

Just one of the finest functions about Brita water filter pitcher techniques is the possibility of the Longlast+ filter. With a pleated filter style, your pitcher lasts up to 6 months, compared to just a few months with ZeroWater. Nonetheless the duration of your ZeroWater filter will count on your area water supply. Extra contaminants will use up your filters speedier. 


Price is a person location the place Brita and ZeroWater are not also unique. With likewise-sized pitchers, the two organizations charge equivalent pricing from $20 to $40, though ZeroWater can price tag up to
$50 for its 10 Cup All set-Pour model


Guarantee and Ensures

A glaring big difference in between Brita compared to ZeroWater water filter pitcher techniques is the guarantee offered by every single corporation. Although ZeroWater skips the guarantee entirely, Brita shines with its manufacturer’s guarantee that lasts for an full 12 months. Brita also features an unconditional 30-day moneyback assurance, whilst ZeroWater restricts its assurance to just company defects that take place within 90 times of order.  

Client guidance

Cell phone


Several hours


one-800-24-BRITA toll-totally free

Deliver an email

E-mail checked day by day, Monday via Friday

Monday via Friday, nine:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST


one-800-503-2939 toll-totally free

Deliver an email to [email protected]   

Monday via Friday, eight:00 a.m. – eight:00 p.m. CT

Shoppers can make contact with Brita and ZeroWater in equivalent strategies. Both equally organizations present mobile phone and email guidance, and whilst Brita says it checks e-mails each and every day, ZeroWater is open up extended every single day, providing their workforce extended to assist with purchaser inquiries and guidance. 

Pros and cons



  • Considerably much more pitcher possibilities
  • Prolonged Longlast+ filter life
  • Guarantee and assurance


  • Restricted filtration
  • Single filter offered
  • Hard to differentiate by title



  • 5-phase filtration 
  • three filters offered
  • No cost water excellent meter


  • Limited filter life
  • Subscription-primarily based filters 
  • No guarantee

Which is the suitable a person for you? 

Brita and ZeroWater equally have their rewards and drawbacks, but they also serve unique desires.

Brita is a leading decide when you want the versatility of many possibilities. It features a much huge selection of water filter pitchers, with 13 possibilities compared to ZeroWater’s seven. Nonetheless, ZeroWater features effectiveness with much more filters offered upfront with your order. It will save you income in the prolonged run and will save you a excursion to the retail store for a substitute with its handy subscription-primarily based application. It is a great factor, also, mainly because ZeroWater filters very last just a pair of months whilst Brita’s Longlast+ filter will give you around 6 months of use.

If you are wanting for a whole lot of possibilities, Brita is a superb water pitcher filter process for your desires. Nonetheless, if premium filtration is your major goal, ZeroWater provides fantastic outcomes for your water filter pitcher process. 

Are there choices really worth contemplating?

Several other organizations manufacture water filter pitcher techniques. Other really-rated models on modern sector involve these finest water filters for 2021. 

Brita vs. ZeroWater FAQ

Which corporation is superior when comparing Brita vs. ZeroWater?

Both equally Brita and ZeroWater present many really-rated possibilities for water filter pitcher techniques.  Brita is marginally less expensive with much more possibilities and superior solution defense, but ZeroWater features a premium filtration process that exceeds Brita’s abilities. 

What does a water filter pitcher do?

H2o filter pitcher techniques integrate an inside filtration process making use of a replaceable water filter. It purifies your water by removing damaging contaminants like guide and chlorine from everyday ingesting water, making superior-tasting water and much healthier water.

How substantially does a water filter pitcher price tag?

The price tag of a water filter pitcher process varies, depending on the model and functions that you decide on. Brita and ZeroWater merchandise equally commence around $20, but Brita maxes out at $40, whilst ZeroWater has a greatest price tag of $50. 

To find the finest possibilities for you, think about what is finest to guidance your area water supply.