Breast Cancer: Fancy Gadget and Fifty percent A Million Ringgit Failed to Get rid of Her – What Now?


Might (not genuine identify) is a 39-year-aged-feminine. In mid-2008 she delivered her boy or girl. Two months ahead of delivery, she found the hardening of her left breast. Ultrasonography did not exhibit just about anything completely wrong. The medical doctor proposed it could be thanks to the breast becoming engorged with her milk. Despite the fact that she breast fed her little one the breast remained really hard. There was no trouble with her ideal breast. She went to consult order medical professionals and all of them arrived to the same summary – no issue!

Utrasonograhy of her breasts on 1 December 2008 indicated subtle inflammatory system. The remaining nipple was retracted. Summary: almost certainly diffuse mastitis. A biopsy is highly recommended. Subsequent needle biopsy carried out did not demonstrate any malignancy. Not contented, a tru-slice biopsy was carried out on 29 January 2009. The result showed atypical proliferation of cells suggestive of an intra ductal carcinoma. An open biopsy of the breast lump verified invasive ductal carcinoma with high grade intra-ductal carcinoma.

May perhaps sought a 2nd view from a medical doctor in a non-public clinic in Singapore. The histology slide was restudied. It was concluded that it was a ductal carcinoma in-situ, intermediate grade with comedonecrosis and infiltrative ductal carcinoma.

CT scan performed on 31 January 2009 confirmed: a) no metastataic deposits in the liver, b) various rounded sclerotic lesions seen in the thoracic and upper lumbar backbone suspicious of metastatic lesions, c) a very small nodule in the higher lobe of the suitable lung – in all probability a solitary pulmonary metastatic nodule. A bone scan verified bony metastases at the left scapula, still left 3rd rib and internet sites alongside the backbone.

Histopathology report showed carcinoma cells are immunopositive for oestrogen rerceptors and progesterone receptors. HER2 oncoprotein is overexpressed.

May perhaps was recommended to begin chemotherapy quickly. The initially chemo-treatment method commenced on 2 February 2009. A pump was equipped to constantly deliver 5-FU. May possibly also obtained two doses of Navelbine for every single 5-FU cycle. In addition, May perhaps was specified Zometa for the bone. In whole May possibly been given 13 cycles of chemotherapy from February 2009 to October 2009.

At this level I questioned two queries:

1. What did the oncologist say about the likelihood of a treatment? The answer was: The doctor reported there would be no cure. The therapy was only to regulate the challenge.
2. You must have expended a whole lot for this therapy? The solution: Certainly, roughly RM 500,000. That is 50 % a million ringgit – proper? Indeed, it is.

A CT scan on 27 April 2009 confirmed: a) a solitary pulmonary nodule in the suitable middle lobe. This actions a lot less than 5 mm. It shows no improve from preceding assessment, b) various sclerotic bony lesions. These were previously mentioned in the former CT scan.

May perhaps went to China for another feeling in May perhaps 2009. A PET /CT scan was performed. The medical professionals in China concluded that May’s problem experienced stabilised and there was no want for treatment.

A CT scan done on 12 Oct 2009 showed the cancer had stabilised. Even so, all through the total thirty day period of Oct 2009, Could complained of headaches, pains in the neck and shoulder. The oncologist stated the pains had very little to do with her most cancers!

In October 2009, Might completed her 13th chemo remedy in Singapore.

In November 2009, May well went to India for further treatment working with the Cytotron (Cytotron is the trade identify of the product developed in India. It seems like a MRI machine that utilizes Rotational Area Quantum Magnetic Resonance Generator).

Could been given an hour of Cytotron remedy for each day. Although going through the Cytotron therapy, Might ongoing to receive the 5-FU-Navelbine program (the 14th cycle). The therapy was scheduled for a full of 28 days but following the 20th tretment, May produced undesirable coughs and upper body ache. The health practitioner believed this was because of to pneumonia and she was given antibiotics and cough syrup. An X-ray indicated left pleural effusion (i.e., fluid in the lung). A 7 days later the pains however persisted and the coughs became lousy when Might moved. A CT scan was ordered and discovered pulmonary embolism (blockage of the arteries in the lungs by blood clots that journey to the lungs from other elements of the body). May was put on Heparin, an anti-blood coagulation medicine.

May returned to Malaysia in mid-December 2009. May possibly commenced to have pains once more. Her shortness of breath also persisted. She coughed where ever she moved. The oncologist in Kuala Lumpur mentioned that the cancer appeared steady and there was no hurry to carry on with chemotherapy but the pulmonary embolism experienced to be fixed first. Could was approved Warfarin. Her pulmonary embolism cleared off.

A PET CT scan on 23 February 2010 showed secure success. The oncologist reported no further chemotherapy was vital for the time staying. But May perhaps experienced to go on acquiring Bonefos (for the bone). In addition May well was began on Tamoxifen beginning March 2010.

In June 2010, May’s left breast hardened yet again. The oncologist did not feel chemotherapy was vital but Might was asked to go on with her Tamoxifen and Bonefos.

In July 2010 the skin colour of her still left breast turned dark. A PET scan on 29 July 2010 indicated increased FDG avid action and this could characterize an inflammatory procedure of tumour action. There was also enhanced FDG uptake in the thymus. At this stage, the oncologist instructed a mastectomy.

On 2 September 2010, Could experienced her still left breast removed. There were some wound bacterial infections right after the surgical procedures and it took two months to get well. The histopathology indicated invasive ductal carcinoma, quality 2 with a few foci of ductal carcinoma in-situ, large quality. Twelve of the 13 lymph nodes have been wholly infiltrated by malignant cells with infiltration into the surrounding adipose tissue in 4 nodes.

On 20 October 2010, there was a slight inflammation in May’s correct breast around the nipple. Ultrasonography of the suitable breast did not demonstrate everything improper. May was prescribed antibiotics. Because there was no advancement, a needle biopsy was performed on 27 Oct 2010. The right breast tissue confirmed invasive ductal carcinoma.

The health practitioner suggested mastectomy of the suitable breast. This would be adopted by radiation cure for the still left breast. There would also be radiation treatment method for the correct breast after the wound has healed. Bonefos would be changed to Zometa.

A PET scan completed on 10 November 2010 showed cancer activity in the ideal breast.The bone lesions which were being secure just before experienced now turn into lively. In view of this, the oncologist recommended much more chemotherapy.

May possibly underwent 3 cycles of chemotherapy applying a mixture of 5-FU, epirubicin and cyclophosphamide (FEC) with each other with Zometa. The 3rd FEC cycle was concluded on 14 January 2010.

How CA Care Received Into the Photograph

On 3 November 2010, we received this e-mail:

Hello Chris,
I am Don (not real name) and arrived throughout your web-site while searching for some alternate most cancers treatments. My wife was identified with breast cancer stage 4 in February 2009. She had been through chemo and just just lately did a mastectomy of her remaining breast. Regretably now her proper breast is also influenced. Previous week the biopsy displays it is an invasive ductal carcinoma. Health practitioner is suggesting another mastectomy but we are apprehensive as we never assume it can assistance.
Can you enable us? How good is your procedure? Can I deliver you the experiences for overview?
Hope to hear from you soon.

On 14 January 2011 was yet another e-mail:

Expensive Chris,
I would like to come to Penang and meet you to talk about about my spouse. I have obtained the most current scan final results with me. What are the times and time effortless for you to see individuals?

Essentially right before these e-mails, Don came to our centre to acquire some herbs but did not consider them owing to lack of confidence. Then she started out to acquire her first chemo treatment method and suffered severe aspect effects. She had headaches, felt nauseous and was dizzy.

Just before receiving her 2nd cycle of chemotherapy, May possibly started off to acquire our Chemo-tea. The aspect consequences of this second chemo remedy ended up reduced by about fifty percent. This designed up her self-assurance in our herbal teas. When May perhaps had her 3rd cycle of chemotherapy, she felt even better.

The War Has Not Ended Nonetheless – potentially a “surge” is just about to start out

Could was scheduled to acquire 3 far more cycles of chemotherapy. This time the drugs to be applied are Taxotere plus Herceptin. May perhaps is meant to get Herceptin indefinitely once each 3 weeks (but at minimum a 12 months). Could is also to get Zometa at the time just about every 3 months.

From March 2010 to conclude of July 2010, May perhaps was on Tamoxifen. According to the oncologist considering the fact that there was a recurrence, Tamoxifen was thus not efficient. He is of the feeling that May perhaps need to change to another drug – the more recent era of aromatase inhibitor. But for the aromatase inhibitor to be effective affected individual ought to be in her menopause. So to obtain this menopause, the oncologist prompt removing of May’s ovaries.

Don (spouse) came to our centre in Penang and informed us the over tale on 18 January 2011.

1. The Breast Cancer War – extravagant gadget furthermore half a million ringgit

Most sufferers (particularly those people who under no circumstances had the knowledge of obtaining a relatives member been through clinical treatment method for cancer) have the misunderstanding that immediately after surgical procedures / chemotherapy, their cancer will go away. However, this is far from currently being true. Read the following two quotations.

Amy Soscia, a most cancers affected person reported: There is no overcome for metastatic breast cancer. It in no way goes away. You just move from remedy to remedy.

A renowned oncologist in Singapore wrote: Oncology is not like other professional medical specialties the place performing perfectly is the norm. In oncology, even prolonging a patient’s lifetime for a few months to a 12 months is deemed an accomplishment. Acquiring a overcome is like striking a jackpot.

In a evaluate entitled: In the Finish What Matters Most? A Evaluate of Medical Endpoints in Innovative Breast Cancer (Oncologist, January 2011 16:25-35), Sunil Verma et al, wrote:

– Many agents are remaining analyzed for the cure of metastatic breast most cancers (MBC), but couple of scientific tests have demonstrated more time overall survival, the major measure of medical gain in MBC.
– Of the 73 stage III MBC trials reviewed, a strikingly little proportion of trials shown a achieve in over-all survival duration (12%, n = 9).

From the quite starting May possibly was instructed the remedies she gained had been to only control the condition – and in this situation, wherever is the control? Pretty much 50 percent a million ringgit has been used but May perhaps was not getting any superior. In simple fact her situation grew to become even worse. She is beginning the next phase of a different struggle now that the cancer experienced distribute to the other breast, soon after a single had been taken out. The war will go on. Dependent on the assessment paper posted in The Oncologist a 7 days in the past, the over-all survival advantage thanks to chemotherapy could just be an illusion.

Can we not understand a lesson from May’s working experience? Albert Einstein said: Madness is executing the exact matter more than and in excess of yet again and expecting different effects.

2. Complete Determination – do you truly think in herbs?

Not all people who occur to find our enable believe that in what we do. We are agency in stating that It is not for us to “impact” you to follow our methods. This has to be solely your alternative.

We are completely conscious that just after expending countless numbers of ringgit on the so-named scientific, significant-tech treatment plans presented by the ideal brains in medication, it is difficult to feel that some roadside weeds could support your cancer. To the educated intellect it seems like a significant joke. So believing in what we do is an important ingredient for achievements. Past data confirmed us that only 30% of all those who arrive are actually fully commited or believe that in what we do.

3. Chemo-Tea Aided Her – she attained more self-confidence

I told Don that I would be writing this tale. Otto von Bismarck wrote: A idiot learns from knowledge. A wise gentleman learns from the encounter of other individuals. So the major purpose of crafting this story is to share May’s practical experience with other folks – maybe these who want to discover would not have to encounter identical bitterness.
Some patients think even in advance of they knowledge, but other people want to working experience before they can consider. It is a choice.

4. Cancer War – In a war, no 1 at any time wins!

Tragic stories about breast most cancers war abounds. But all is not misplaced. There are some people who have the guts to say: “Chemo? No thank you!” Many of them survived to notify their sweet tales.

Enable me near by quoting Dr. Bernard Jensen (in Vacant Harvest): “When the condition is dire, should really worry be the accurate catalyst for transform? I don’t feel so. For fear is a disorder in itself – a sickness of the brain. Consequently, it is not out of panic, but braveness, that mankind will be most productive in restoring health and fitness and harmony.”

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