Best Portable Air Conditioners [Top 2020 Personal AC Units]

The summer’s heat-filled sunshine intensity has shown no mercy with extremely hot and humid temperatures blanketing many parts of the United States, but thankfully, innovation and technology have emerged within the portable air conditioning unit by designing a personalized AC cooling fan that is energy efficient and available for on the go lifestyles.

As with any trendy consumer demand, the popularity of personal air conditioners brings many types and sizes to choose from that offer portability combined with a powerful chilled air flow for maximum customary comfort. Unfortunately, there can be a wide range of optimal portable AC features and functions to consider worthy of purchasing and using daily to beat the sweltering heat. Marketing by Kevin hired Andrew Price to review the best portable air conditioners in 2020. With the summer’s amplified weather conditions it is not easy to compare all the variations available with the top rated mini desktop air conditioning products.

Andrew stated that once enough research was compiled and sifted through, it made for an easier way to review the top portable AC units for personal space cooling by evaluating and examining all of the known features, functions and highlights of each to reach a palatable comparison between all of the emerging portable AC brands.

For anyone living in the Southern part of the United States, it should come as no surprise why portable air conditioning units are exploding in popularity. In many ways, portable ACs are considered seasonal items but are making a claim to be a must-have item as there are many reasons it is smart to go small and why bigger isn’t always better. While many of these non window placement needed units are purchased during the Winter, an overwhelming amount of business in this niche sector happens when the temperature begins to climb in the US and abroad.

Air conditioning benefits are an essential part of what makes life during the summer comfortable. The miserable feeling of being trapped in scorching heat in the home can be tormenting and even draining for most individuals. For consumers that already have a physical AC unit in their home, whether it be a home central air cooling system or a window A/C unit, an unexpected breakdown can quickly create problems. A portable AC unit might be the perfect investment for consumers who want to hedge their bets against the incoming heatwave as the globe warms and the stuffy humidity swarms in on all of us.

However, according to Andrew Price, not all portable air conditioning units are created equally. Some models come with a high price tag but shoddy or inefficient technical components. The discerning consumer should also be acutely aware of the different methods that some AC units use to cool the air around them. With all factors considered, buying a portable air conditioning unit is often a lot more complicated than it might initially appear.

Not to worry! Andrew’s guide will provide readers with everything they need to find and purchase one of the best portable AC units in 2020. Each of these units are name brand air conditioning specialists with reputable products and price points.

Ranking the Best Portable Air Conditioners in 2020

Now that the hot seat has been warmed up, it’s time to amp up the speed and cut right through the hot air and rank the best portable air conditioning units of 2020. After the personal AC unit product rating overviews, all of the criteria used in the ranking of the top portable ACs is revealed along with an extensively-research frequently asked questions and answers on the most popular commonly asked inquires about personalized air cons.

Blaux Portable Air Conditioner: The #1 Mini Personal AC Unit

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For consumers in need of a small break from the heat, Blaux’s portable air conditioning unit comes highly recommended. The device is the definition of portable, equipped with an extremely lightweight frame and even a handle for easy carrying. Much of the official product website highlights the ease-of-use offered by this highly effective cooling device.

This AC unit is completely cordless. To use it, consumers just pour water “directly into the top of the unit.” It’s necessary to replace the water curtain every once in a while, but they last around 6-8 months each. After checking the filter and adding water, all there’s left to do is turn on the Blaux AC unit and enjoy the refreshingly cool air it purifies and releases.

The Blaux portable AC both cools and humidifies the air. Additionally, this unique device actively filters dust particles in the air, capping off a relatively versatile performance for such a small unit.

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Blaux Portable AC Pros

There are a few pretty important performance features that earned Blaux a spot on our list of the top portable air conditioners in 2020. Some of the major advantages of this device include:

·        Humidifies and filters air. In addition to cooling air, this device can also reduce humidity while also filtering out dust particles within a room.

·        Cordless operation. This is a major plus for users who don’t want to mess around with a complicated installation process. Just pour the water, turn it on, and enjoy the refreshing air.

·        Complete portability. This model is both lightweight and easily carried using its handle. Consumers should have no trouble moving it from room to room.

·        Has both cooling and fanning capabilities. This dual capability might be particularly helpful for users who have a central cooling system but sometimes need just a bit of extra fanning to cool down.

Blaux Portable AC Cons

As long as consumers are using the device in the way it’s intended, there aren’t too many negatives to the Blaux portable air conditioner. Still, some of the downsides to this model include:

·        High demand can cause slow shipping. This isn’t entirely the fault of Blaux. Many companies are struggling to guarantee consistent deliveries in the midst of the pandemic. Still, it might be something to consider.

·        Mini power for immediate environment. For its size, the Blaux packs quite the windy punch. But consumers looking to cool entire rooms might want to consider a bigger model with a bit more power despite it being the number one most popular portable air conditioner this summer.

Portable Blaux AC Pricing

The Blaux website currently offers a 50{d11068cee6a5c14bc1230e191cd2ec553067ecb641ed9b4e647acef6cc316fdd} off discount for customers. Several purchasing packages exist, and buyers can save by buying multiple devices at once. Options include:

1 Blaux Portable AC:

2 Blaux Portable ACs:

3 Blaux Portable ACs:

4 Blaux Portable ACs:
$247.47 (as low as $62 per Blaux AC unit)

(Bonus) Blaux Wearable AC

air 5

All of the products on our list are highly portable AC devices. But the Blaux Wearable AC unit stands apart from the rest for its innate portability. As the name suggests, this device is worn around the neck of users. Wherever they go, they’re hit with a constant flow of cool and refreshing air. While the Blaux wearable AC unit obviously can’t cool an entire room, is remains an industry-leading pick for refreshing air on the move.

This portable air cooler employs a relatively quiet fan, an extended-life battery, and even air filtration capabilities. For a device of this size, the Blaux Wearable AC unit comes equipped with some pretty impressive technology. Cooling is aided by the “thermo-electric cooling plate” while an ionizer works to minimize allergens and other pollutants in the air.

The applications for this kind of device are endless. Hikers, adventurers, and even theme park enthusiasts could make ample use of what Blaux offers with this new wearable unit.

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Blaux Wearable Pros

It shouldn’t be hard to understand where the advantages rest with this unique air conditioning unit. Notable pulses include:

·        Extremely high portability. When it comes to portability, the Blaux Wearable is naturally unmatched. The device fits snugly around the neck of the user. Because of this, it can be moved around with virtually no limitations.

·        Air cooling and cleaning. For a unit of this size, it’s actually pretty surprising that it’s able to both purify and cool the air around the user.

·        Extended battery power. The official product website outlines that a “high potency lithium battery” used by the device can last “all day” on just one charge. This is important, considering the portable nature of the air conditioner and its uses.

·        Variable fan speeds. This comes standard on many portable units, but it’s especially nice to see on such a small device.

Blaux Wearable Cons

Most of the downsides for the Blaux Wearable Air Conditioner are results of its small frame. Some of the negatives include:

·        Costly replacement filters. The replacement filters on the official product website for the Blaux Wearable seem to cost $19.99 each. This is a bit expensive, although the filters might last long enough to mitigate this initial cost.

·        Conspicuous appearance. This is a judgement call for most consumers. The thing isn’t ugly by any means, but it certainly stands out

Blaux Wearable Pricing

Each Blaux Wearable device costs $89.99. Some delays in shipping should be expected, especially given the present COVID-19 epidemic.

Polar Mini Portable Air Conditioner

air 4

Even the name of the Polar Mini invokes images of cool and refreshing air. If the company’s AC unit can live up to its name, it might end up being a god-send for millions of Americans struggling with the heat during these extremely high temperature months.

The Polar Mini uses a USB powering system, which is relatively unique and rare to see on portable AC units. The official product website claims that the device can cool air within seconds, and it can also filter dust while it lowers the temperature of a given room. The ease-of-use offered by this portable unit is another major asset that it has to offer. The device comes with a simple water container; simply add water to it, plug it in, and relax!

Air purification, filtration, and cooling can all happen for users of the Polar Mini portable air conditioner. While the device certainly won’t be able to cool off entire rooms like a central system might, it certainly packs quite the punch for its highly portable frame.

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Polar Mini Pros

These advantages to the Polar Mini might help consumers figure out if the device is right for them, especially with so many similar units on the market. Major pros to the Polar Mini include:

·        High portability. Although it doesn’t come with a handle like some similar devices, the Polar Mini is lightweight. Consumers should be able to easily move the unit from room to room as they keep cool.

·        Simple use. Similarly to other lightweight water-based air cooling devices, the Polar Mini only requires users to fill the removable container with water and turn the device on.

·        Filtration and cooling. The Polar Mini is also impressive because of its ability to simultaneously cool and filter the air within a given room.

·        USB power. This could either be a positive or a negative, depending on how available USB charging ports are to a given consumer. But generally, the fact that the device is USB powered makes it much more versatile than other models.

Polar Mini Cons

·        Shipping delays. Most companies in the portable AC market will struggle with shipping as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to shut down ports all over the world.

·        USB powered. Again, this could very well be a negative for some consumers. Users who don’t have USB boxes or charging ports available should keep this in mind when considering the Polar Mini.

·        Limited range. This isn’t the fault of this particular model. It’s more of an issue with personal AC units in general. Consumers who really need a large range on their AC units should consider central units or larger portable AC devices.

Polar Mini Pricing

Polar Mini units are currently priced at $89.99 per device.

CoolAir Portable AC

air 3

Even homeowners with top-notch central air conditioning systems are considering additional cooling options this summer. And why not? There’s nothing worse than being stranded in a house without a means to keep cool as temperatures hit the upper nineties or higher. CoolAir is one portable AC unit making waves within the explosive sector this season.

The reasons for its relative success aren’t tough to understand. In particular, its internal water tank, USB capabilities, and multi-speed fan give it a technical edge over some of its competitors. The evaporative filter used by this portable AC unit makes it easy for even the least tech-savvy of consumers to remove, repair, or replace the part.

Additionally, an automatic shutoff feature might be specially interesting to consumers who want to conserve energy and cut down on electrical costs. Overall, we find that the CoolAir portable air conditioner is a lightweight device with impressive technological features and cooling capabilities.

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CoolAir Pros

There are several features that rocketed the CoolAir to the top of our list of the best portable air conditioners in 2020. In particular, we were impressed by:

·        USB power source. Having a power source that connects easily and then disconnects from the AC unit adds to its portability. This also minimizes the risk of children or animals knocking the device over by tripping on the cord.

·        LED “mood lighting.” This is an interesting feature that’s relatively unique to this device. The LED light can really add to the aesthetic of the AC.

·        Automatic power-off. The automatic shutoff feature is great for consumers who often fall asleep with the fan on. Leaving it on full blast all night can quickly contribute to energy costs, so it’s helpful to have an automatic shutoff feature.

·        Ease-of-use. Admittedly, most water-based portable AC units will be pretty easy to use. But the CoolAir Pro takes easy interface to the next level. All users need to do is pour water into the internal tank, turn it on, and enjoy the cool air!

CoolAir Cons

Some minor downsides to this model include:

·        Minimal range. This will be a concern for most devices with similar portable structures. These AC units just aren’t meant for cooling entire rooms at once.

·       Internal water tank. This is both a plus and a negative. Some users might find the internal tank harder to use than a removable tank, but others might have no problem at all.

CoolAir Pricing

Consumers can choose from several purchasing packages. Users save more money by buying multiple devices at once. Buying options include:

·        One device: $89

·        Two devices (+one free): $177

·        Three devices (+two free): $267

Ranking Factors for the Best Portable AC Units

According to Andrew Price, ranking the top portable air conditioning units is a bit more difficult than it seems. With so many products and different technologies out there to choose from, our team followed strict ranking guidelines to decide which devices made the top of today’s list. But readers should know that this ranking system is not comprehensive. Many consumers might have different preferences, needs, or priorities than a single ranking system could account for.

That being said, several performance factors can either make or break the value of a portable air conditioning device. Below are some of the main considerations Andrew employed in the generation of our rankings of the best portable AC units in 2020.

Portability and Size. This one shouldn’t be hard to understand. Users who are looking for a portable AC unit are interested in portability. But a common misconception among consumers in this niche sector is that all portable AC units are super small. This is not always the case. Some portable AC units are merely portable in the sense that they are not attached directly to a home. The occasional model may weigh quite a bit. This means that we searched for some models that maximize portability. Consumers who want to use their portable AC unit as they travel or switch homes frequently should pay careful attention to this component of an AC device.

User Interface. Remote controls, touch panels, and Wi-Fi capabilities are just some of the different ways that modern portable AC units are operated. When generating our list of the top portable air conditioning units, we looked for devices coveted for their simple user interface and quality of life features.

Value. This factor is a no-brainer. Value isn’t just about price. Some portable AC units can cost hundreds of dollars and still provide excellent value. The key consideration here is the quality of the technology weighted against the price itself. Our list generally features devices that provide substantial-quality without breaking the bank.

BTU Power. BTUs measure the capability of an air conditioner to cover set square footage. Larger BTU counts mean that a device can cover considerably more ground. This is a hard feature to objectively measure, mainly because different consumers require different power capabilities in their AC units. Someone with a one-bedroom apartment, for example, probably won’t need an AC unit capable of cooling a thousand square feet of home.

Aesthetic. This is a minor point. Some consumers might care little about the appearance of their device, as long as it gets the job done. But we still considered the design of devices when picking the top portable AC units of 2020.

Filtration Capabilities. While some portable AC units only cool the air in a room, others also work to cleanse and filter the air as it cools it. While this isn’t a necessary feature, we did take it into account when compiling our portable AC unit ranking list.

Energy Conservation. This is an important consideration for two reasons. First, energy consumption can quickly add up and contribute to our present climate crisis. But perhaps more importantly, to the average consumer, portable AC units with low energy efficiency can cause their electric bills to skyrocket. Low-quality units are more likely to be energy inefficient.

Humidifying Features. Like filtration, humidification is a great feature that some units offer. Many consumers might not need their AC device to humidify their homes, but others might. We gave preference when creating our top portable AC list to devices that can humidify the air as they cool it.

General Efficiency. Though it’s a bit harder to measure definitively, this is ultimately what it’s all about. The ability of an air conditioning unit to effectively bring down the temperature of a given room is the main qualifier in its overall efficiency. To compile our list, we searched for both companies and AC units with stellar reputations for quickly and effectively cooling rooms.

Charging Power. For devices that use battery power instead of wall plugins, charging capabilities are extremely important. After all, what would be the point of using a portable AC unit if it just died in the middle of a heatwave? Our list attempts to feature products that either use a wall plugin or come with a high power retention ability. Low charge times and high battery lives are almost invariably preferred among consumers.

Other factors also went into Andrew’s ranking decisions. Truthfully, too many things go into a comprehensive ranking system than we can list in a single section. As a general rule, Andrews searched for the most efficient, valuable, and highly portable air conditioning units on the modern market in 2020. We also encourage consumers to come up with their lists of priorities when it comes to purchasing decisions.

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Why Use a Portable Air Conditioner?

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There are several reasons that someone might want to use a portable air conditioner. At its core, this kind of device is useful because it provides the benefits of air conditioning and cooling without the high costs and noisiness of some traditional AC devices. But especially for readers who are still on the fence about whether or not they need a portable AC unit, it might be helpful to look through some of the most popular reasons why someone would buy and use a portable air conditioning unit.

Portable AC Backups

One major reason the average user should consider a portable AC unit is that it can serve as an excellent backup for traditional air conditioning in the home. As temperatures continue to rise all across the country, many Americans might begin to have trouble with the AC units in their homes. Problems can vary in nature and origin. Issues could be easily fixable, or they can be highly technical and require specialists to repair.

In either case, an AC disaster during the hot summer can be extremely troubling. Far from just a matter of discomfort, having no cooling system during the hottest days of the year can be a genuine threat. In some parts of the country, temperatures in the Summer can easily exceed 100 degrees. Heatstroke can be deadly, especially in the elderly or very young individuals.

For consumers with traditional AC units, having a portable AC unit stocked away can be a great way to avoid an emergency if the main cooling source in their home begins to fail.

Portable AC Savings

Using a portable AC unit can be a way to seriously cut down on costs. Central air conditioning units often use up considerably more energy than portable air conditioning units. Even for consumers who already have a central AC unit in their home, adding one or more portable AC devices to a couple of rooms can drive down costs. To make this work, consumers should consider adding their portable units and then lowering the settings or turning off entirely their central unit.

Readers should also keep in mind that portable AC units might not always be less expensive to operate than central heating and cooling units. It all depends on the current costs of operation contrasted with the potential energy costs of the devices that consumers plan to purchase.

Increased Cooling Capabilities

A common misconception is that portable AC units are only necessary or useful for consumers who don’t currently have a cooling device in their homes. Even for homeowners or renters with an existing cooling system, portable AC units still have an application. Even the most technologically advanced central cooling systems often fail to properly cool some or all rooms in a home. Especially for consumers who prefer cooler climates, this can spell big trouble.

Readers should try placing portable air conditioning units in rooms of their homes that don’t get the amount of cooling that they should. This can help to cool down both this room and the larger house, while still keeping costs down.

Portable Vs. Central Air Conditioning

For users who are just now beginning to research portable air conditioner units, it might be important to note how these devices function differently than central cooling systems. This section will address the advantages and disadvantages of both portable and central air conditioning systems. We generally recommend that even consumers who prefer central air consider purchasing a portable air conditioning unit as a backup.

Central Air Conditioning

Central cooling units are the traditional forms of air temperature control used in most homes. These devices are expansive, and they’re attached directly to many parts of the home, including the walls, the floors, and the ceilings. Some consumers’ homes might already be equipped with the ductwork required for a quality central air system. Others might not yet have this tech installed. If the latter is the case, consumers should bear in mind that they might have to hire expensive private contractors to work extensively on their homes to install a central air conditioning system.

The big advantage of central air is that it cools consumer homes extremely effectively and evenly. There’s no worry that the device won’t be able to cool or heat all the rooms in the home because the ductwork covers the entire floor plan. Cool air can be easily distributed throughout the house, keeping it an even temperature.

Portable Air Conditioners

In Andrew’s research he found that a growing number of consumers are either switching to a portable AC system or adding portable air conditioning to their central air homes. There are a few reasons for this trend. For one, central air systems rarely fail, but when they fail, they fail big. Portable AC units can be stored as an important backup in the case of a central AC problem. Especially in the dead of summer, it can be very helpful to have a backup plan for when the central air conditioning system ceases to work.

While portable AC units might not provide the evenness of a central system, they are extremely versatile. Consumers who can identify precisely where their home needs more cooling might be interested in either switching to a portable system or buying an additional portable air conditioner. Portable ACs can work along traditional systems to help cover the spaces in the house that an aging central air setup no longer reaches.

New homeowners should think carefully about which type of cooling they want in their house. Both have their benefits. Portable air conditioning units are growing in popularity because of their user-friendly setup, easy-to-use interface, and low cost of maintenance.

How Portable Air Conditioners Work

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Portable units come with their upsides and downsides. Even though the industry often explodes in the summertime as consumers search for last-resort solutions to their cooling problems, it might be hard for some consumers to find helpful and substantive information about how, precisely, these devices work. As a basic introduction, most portable AC units use either one or two hoses to filter hot air outdoors while cooling air inside of a room or home.

Most portable air conditioner units use some sort of hose-based system. A hose is used to pull warm air from the room into the device, where it is then cooled by a motor inside of the AC unit. Dual-hose units take cool, fresh air from outside the home, circulating it while filtering out the warm air using the other hose.

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Single-Hose Units

The big choice consumers need to make when it comes to choosing a portable air conditioner is how many hoses they want their device to use. There’s no wrong way to pick, as there are an upside and a downside to both choices.

Single-hose AC units are pretty easy to understand. These devices include a hose that helps to pull air from the inside of a room into the device, where it is then cooled by a motor system. This same hose filters out extra warmth and moisture in the air. This excess heat is released using the hose out window, door, or another opening to the outside.

The big advantage of a single-hose unit is that it can help to cut down on costs and energy bills. Because there’s only one hose involved and everything is contained within the unit, these devices are often far cheaper than their dual-hose counterparts. However, they may also be less likely to offer the same level of performance or additional features, such as filtration or air purification.

Dual Hose Units

As the name might suggest, dual hose units are unique because they provide two hoses to assist in the cooling process. The fresh air outside the user’s home is pulled in using one hose, and it’s then circulated throughout the room and home. Once hot air and moisture have been filtered out of the now cool air, it’s then deposited outside the home using the second hose.

The advantage of these air conditioning units is that they usually provide a higher level of performance and cooling capabilities than single-hose units. The type of hosing system employed in a portable air conditioning unit shouldn’t impact the size of the room it can cool. But dual hose units are generally able to cool a room faster than their single-hose counterparts can.

These units are also more expensive and can use up more energy than single-hose systems.

How does Thermoelectric Cooling Work?

Some consumers might be interested in learning a little bit more about how the technical cooling system employed by popular models works. Many modern portable air conditioning units make use of thermoelectric cooling technology to quickly and effectively cool the air taken in by their hoses. These devices work using a scientific principle known as the “Peltier effect.”

A difference in temperature can be generated when a device transfers heat across two separate electrical junctions. As the electrical current generated by the voltage applied to joined conductors travels from one junction to another, heat is removed, resulting in a cooling effect. Put most simply; these mini air conditioner cooling devices work by removing heat at a “cooling side,” which absorbs heat from the larger environment.

Thermoelectric cooling has been around for quite some time. It’s considered by many to be the most effective way to cool air, especially because it relies on simple principles of electricity and requires a simple DC connection to function properly. Most modern AC units will use thermoelectric cooling to take the heat out of the air and subsequently cool a room down.

Frequently Asked Questions About Portable Air Conditioning

Consumers probably have quite a few questions about portable air conditioning units. After all, this seasonal product is just now gaining traction again in many parts of the country. This section should help inform consumers (it previously said readers) by answering some of the most commonly asked questions about portable AC units.

Q: What is a portable air conditioning unit?

A: Portable AC units come in a few forms, but the basic premise is always the same. Portable AC units take in warm air and cool it, providing a cooling effect on an entire room. A portable AC unit could be very small, or it could be quite large. But the main thing that makes it portable is that it is not fully attached to any part of a home.

Q: How is a portable AC unit set up?

A: To set up a portable AC unit, consumers should refer closely to the instruction manual for their device. AC units can vary pretty widely when it comes to installation instructions, so it’s important to be precise. Some units may require a wall plugin, and others may not. Most portable air conditioning devices will come with a simple window installation system and instructions on how to set it up.

Q: How is air conditioning power measured?

The ability of an air conditioner to effectively cool a room is quantified with its BTU or British Thermal Unit. Technically speaking, this value refers to “the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit at a specified temperature.”

Q: Is a higher BTU better?

A: Not always. A higher BTU can drive up energy costs, and it might not be worth the expenditure for consumers who don’t need an extreme amount of power. Especially for readers looking to cool just one tiny room, a device with an excessively high BTU output might cost far more in the long run than it’s ultimately worth.

Q: How much does a portable air conditioner cost?

A: This depends on the quality and brand of the device. Portable air conditioners can vary significantly in cost, with some devices costing as little as $50 and higher-end models running into the thousands of dollars. The devices on our ranked list generally balance cost with performance as best as they can.

Q: Do all portable AC units require a window to use?

A: Generally, the top portable air conditioning units will hook up to a window. This is because the unit needs somewhere to release the air, which has not been cooled. All of the excess heat and moisture from the cooling and dehumidification processes need to go somewhere. Some novel types of AC units, such as the portable AC devices that fit around the user’s necks, might not need windows to work.

Q: Are portable AC units hard to set up?

A: Not at all. The vast majority of portable air conditioners are designed to be set up without the assistance of a seasoned professional. Users who purchase an AC unit and then have trouble setting it up can usually easily find YouTube tutorials to help them through the process.

Q: How much space can a portable AC unit cover?

A: For the most part, portable AC units are ineffective at cooling spaces larger than 500 square feet. If the space of a consumer’s home is larger than this, then they may need several devices to keep it nice and cool during the summer days.

Q: Are portable AC units dangerous?

A: No. Portable AC units use fresh air to create cool air inside of a home, so they generally don’t output any dangerous chemicals. Portable AC units should be safe so long as the air they draw from is safe, and this is the case for most cities in the United States.

Q: How loud are portable AC units?

A: Portable air conditioners are pretty loud. This is one of the big downsides to a portable AC, especially when compared to traditional central cooling systems found in many homes. However, our list attempts to emphasize a few models which come with lower noise outputs than others.

Q: Can users reduce portable AC unit noise?

A: Yes! Lowering the speed of the AC unit’s fan, placing the device on a softer surface to reduce rattling, or placing the unit in an area of the house with bad acoustics can help to minimize noise. Ultimately, some kind of noise will always be there, and this might be a downside to many portable AC units.

Q: Can portable AC units replace central cooling systems?

A: Yes, and no. On the one hand, multiple portable AC units can effectively emulate the cooling abilities of a central cooling system. But it’s hard to achieve the kind of even temperature throughout a home without central cooling, and buying and maintaining multiple portable units can quickly become expensive.

Final Words About Top Portable Air Conditioners

For the modern homeowner, figuring out the best way to cool a home should be an incredibly important concern. There’s a reason millions of consumers every year turn to portable air conditioning units to help keep their homes or apartments cool during the hottest days of the summer. While a central air system can’t be beaten when it comes to overall power, more and more Americans are being courted by the convenience, versatility, and energy efficiency of portable air conditioning units.

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Our list of the top portable AC units in 2020 was meticulously compiled by Andrew Price using several important factors. When shopping for a portable AC unit, consumers should keep several considerations in mind. Our comprehensive guide should help readers to figure out which portable air conditioner is right for them.