Atomic Lighter by Bulbhead – Is A Good Present, But Not For All

So, we are talking about Atomic Lighter in our current review. What is this device – is it just a useless but fashionable thing or a nice and useful present? How does Atomic Lighter work? What are its pluses and minuses? And the main question – is it worth its money?

Gas and gasoline lighters

Humanity used firestone, tinder, gunpowder and even sunlight to get fire. But all of these were before the invention of a simple lighter.

Most of lighters work on principle of ignition of a special highly flammable substance put inside the lighter. Usually gasoline is used for gasoline lighters and liquefied petroleum gases for gas lighters.

Conceptual difference between these two types is that gas lighters fuel evaporates very quickly. That’s why it is kept in sealed containers under slight pressure created by evaporating gas, while gasoline evaporates relatively slow and that’s why it doesn’t require such a container.

Gas lighters use liquefied mixture of propane and butane as fuel. After passing through the gas-pressure reducer the mixture evaporates forming deflagrating mixture of gas and air.

How does Atomic Lighter function?

Well, if we compare gas and gasoline lighters with a usb lighter Atomic Lighter – they are not even a relic from the past… this is the same as using an ax against a plasma sword!

Simply said, in this lighter an electric arc is used as an igniter: a strong electro-impulse discharge is created between two contacts and it’s used for fuel ignition. The electric arc consists of ionized electrically quasineutral gas. This state of the matter is called plasma. Here is where the lighter got its name from.

The main and undeniable advantage of this lighter is absence of necessity to fill it with any kind of fuel. USB-lighter is called so because it can be charged by means of ordinary USB-cable (5V/ 1А) just like any other modern device. The unit comes with a cable to plug into any usb port to charge.

The device charging time is approximately 1 hour (at lower intensity of current 0,5А it equals 2 hours), the lighter performance time is enough to light it up for about 100-120 times. At that you don’t depend on weather: no matter if it is freezing or windy outside your “plasma sword” won’t fail you!

No bad smell of gas, smoke and inflammations. Electro-impulse lighter is completely safe, it works on the principle of electric arc and it has extra-strong covering with PVD coating. The main idea of this technology is about metal surface processing using molecules of other metals in vacuum.

This technology allows to obtain extra strong and solid surface. The coating uniformly adjoins the subsurface, it doesn’t have any microcracks and serves as a protection cover. This means that the lighter surface is resistant to rubbing.