Mobile phone companies earn a profit by marketing brand new models now and then. The launch of a glistening new phone offers a fascinating temptation after all. But what we do not conjecture is that upgrading to a new smartphone every year can be dangerous for our environment. Electronic waste a.k.a E-waste is promptly becoming a matter of concern as a lot of gadgets and electronics are frequently discharged into landfills.

It is a prime responsibility of customers to have their old phones recycled and reused. is a website where you can find many companies that do a business of tech recycling, such as Phonetrade, they buy your old smartphones and recycle them into reusable devices. But apart from recycling the old phones, here are a few more measures that you can take to make your phones more eco-friendly.

Increase smartphones’ lifespan

Using a smartphone for at least three years instead of just one or two can make a noteworthy contribution towards environmental safety solely because no one would have to mine the rare earth elements for a phone you already have.

To keep your phone running as fast and problem-free as possible, you may take a few measures, such as updating the operating system and third-party apps as soon as they are released. These updates take very little time and give many benefits. Moreover, you can use screen protectors and phone covers to save your phone from physical damage.

Green smartphones

Green smartphones are environmentally friendly phones that use green technologies and include intelligent power management systems. These phones can be easily repaired in a shop, without using any methods that produce harmful pollutants. People should choose smartphones that have as few dangerous or toxic elements as possible. Brands that encourage green movement are better as they are more efficient in the production of eco-friendly new phones, and the disposal of old ones.

Refurbished phones

Refurbished phones are certified models that have been recycled. Everything from their batteries to their outer coverings is renewed. But since the phones were owned earlier, they can be bought a little cheaper than their new counterparts. This means refurbished phones are not only easy on the environment but your pocket as well.

Lessen the use of your smartphone

You can easily reduce your carbon footprint by using the smartphone very often. According to recent studies, 36% of people check their phones regularly and 44% of people said they could not live a day without their cell phones. Although smartphones are an obligation for most people, being fixed to them is not healthy. So by taking a small action you can make your phone better for the environment and improve your health as well.


It can be terrifying to think about how your carbon footprint adds to global warming. But now you can take the simple aforementioned steps to break away from your harmful impression on the Earth. Everyone has to start someplace when it comes to sustaining their end of the environmental agreement, people should always be on the search for better alternatives and put a little thoughtfulness behind every upgrade or marketing decision they make.