5 Reasons Cord Cutting is Not Good for You

Cord-cutting is the act whereby television viewers cancel their subscription to cable TV providers because they found other alternatives that are relatively cheaper. Sometimes the cost of streaming services is, even more, higher than the money paid for subscriptions. 

Many people have complained that after they cancelled their subscription and started using streaming services, they found out that the bill they paid was higher. Before you cancel your subscription, consider these points:

  1. You Won’t Have All the Channels You Had Before

This is one of the major reasons you should not think of Cord-cutting, especially if you love watching multiple channels. Streaming services do not offer the packages you enjoy from cable TV companies. 

Live streaming options like DIRECT TV and Hulu live will not give you the great offers you received when using cable TV. You might miss out if you don’t watch your usual channels. 

  1. Using Streaming Service to View Live Sports is Not The Best Experience 

Another reason why you should not Cord cut yet is that live sports streamed with different streaming services have glitches as the sports go in. Many users of streaming companies have complained of how the live match they were watching was disrupted. Unlike streaming services, cable TVs don’t behave that way. There have been cases where some streaming service users complained of the live-streaming freezing for as long as 30 mins.

  1. Internet Speed May Affect Your Streaming

The quality of these streaming services depends largely on the speed of your Internet connection. That is to say, if you stay at a place where the speed of your Internet connection is low, your streaming service may be as good as useless. 

Since most Third World countries don’t have good Internet access, cutting your cord when you’re in a place like this may seem like a wrong decision.

  1. Streaming Service Don’t Have a Wide Range of Options

A benefit only available to those who use cable services is being able to have a range of options to choose from. Most streaming services don’t have too many options for you, and you may end up with channels that you don’t even want. 

With cable service, you can watch programs on one channel over another, unlike streaming services where you have to watch whatever is being streamed. 

  1. You Pay a lot Using streaming Services

Sometimes people cut cords without really thinking about it and this has landed some people in more expenses. Apart from the streaming subscriptions plan you have to pay for, you would need to pay for that data you would use to stream the live program. But with cable service, you can enjoy a lot of viewing channels without having to pay for extra charges incurred.


A lot of people rush to cancel their subscription plans without thinking about the outcome of their actions. Streaming services come with a lot of limitations and expenses when compared to cable and also cable TV is not portable and cannot be carried around.