Uncanny Portraits of Perfectly Symmetrical Pets

Dag Knudsen spends a large amount of time photographing symmetrical faces. Usually they belong to beautiful individuals in vogue magazines. But more and more, his types are llamas. Lizards. Even snails. It’s a veritable Symmetrizoo—as shut to “blue steel” as the animal kingdom receives.

It all started in 2017, when Knudsen solid a sphinx cat as a co-design in a elegance editorial. The feline is a luxurious pet, with bald pores and skin, large ears, and eyes as buggy as a 500-yr-aged hobbit’s (which some, inexplicably, come across beautiful). On a whim, he took its portrait and mirrored fifty percent the image in Photoshop, like a Rorschach.

“I immediately realized why the historical Egyptians worshipped these creatures as gods,” he suggests. “It looked like a divine becoming.”

The next yr was the yr of the doggy in the Chinese zodiac, and Knudsen’s calendar quickly crammed up with portrait sessions for unconventional breeds like Mexican hairless canines, Japanese Shiba Inus, and Rhodesian Ridgebacks—some which he scouted as they trotted down the street with their proprietors. In his quest for at any time-much more-peculiar subjects, he visited exotic pet outlets, chatted up veterinarians, and joined Fb groups for teacup pigs and big African gastropods.

It would have been much easier to stick with humans: They don’t depart slime trails, are potty skilled, and can follow simple guidelines. Knudsen’s new types had to be coaxed with catnip and squeaky toys. One particular domesticated fox refused to appear at the digicam right up until his assistant started howling like a wolf. A further peed on his gear. “The proprietor mentioned, ‘Oh my god, fox pee hardly ever arrives off!’” Knudsen suggests. “I’m like, ‘What?’”

To stay away from stressing his subjects, Knudsen limited every shoot to ten minutes. He illuminated every animal’s finest side with a strobe and lightbox, and afterwards replicated it in Photoshop, also getting rid of stray hairs, eye boogers, and other “disturbing” factors.

Nature is hardly ever, if at any time, one hundred {d11068cee6a5c14bc1230e191cd2ec553067ecb641ed9b4e647acef6cc316fdd} symmetrical, and the result would make you quit and stare as you match whisker to whisker, tentacle to tentacle, resting bitch face to resting bitch face. “It’s hypnotizing,” Knudsen suggests.

He sometimes calls them “animaliens.” They are unnaturally great, and like their human counterparts, have a appear creature must consider to achieve.

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