Tips for Measuring Your Team’s Performance Using Cloud-Based Applications

Having a solid team is every employee’s dream. With a solid team, all problems seem no longer an obstacle when problems hit. A company that has many solid teams that can be relied upon certainly will have no difficulties when it will take the company to the next level. A productive team is the spearhead of the company’s growth in a further direction,

However, if it turns out that the team is not maximal in contributing to the company, of course, this is not a good sign. Decreasing team performance will also decrease the company’s productivity. Therefore, it is important to always evaluate the performance of a team so that the team can stay in control. Here are some ways you can measure team performance in your company.

Update Performance Results Through the Cloud

Make an evaluation form that will be filled in by each team member. We know that the performance of one team is related to each other so that with the form that is stored in the Cloud-managed networks, each member can provide an immediate assessment and everyone can see the value of the other members.

But keep in mind, in this case, it is an assessment that comes from fellow team members or other teams. As for the personal assessment, you have to summarize the whole score and convey it directly. With the cloud, you can save more time in collecting ratings from each member. And of course, this method is more practical and flexible.

Listening to Their Complaints Well

Apart from going through the cloud, in assessing you also have to speak privately. In this stage, you are not only evaluating and evaluating employees in one direction, but also vice versa. You also have to understand their condition why they can get such an assessment, regardless of their performance.

By asking about the conditions, the difficulties they are experiencing, and how the company environment helps them in their career paths, you can evaluate the company itself how it can support employees to be more productive. So in other words, team performance evaluation is also able to see if there is something wrong with the company and what is the company’s contribution in terms of supporting employee self-development.

Making Next Plans

After completing an evaluation of the performance of each team, in the future, you must make a targeted plan. Divide the plan according to each division. So that each team can see the other team’s targets, then you must upload the plan on a storage medium that can be accessed by anyone. Namely by using the cloud.

With the data stored in the Cloud managed sdn networks, they can see the individual and team targets that must be achieved for a certain period. Besides, they can also immediately update the storage so that everyone can see and compete with each other. Cloud technology makes it easy for you to measure team performance.