How Engineers Kept the Power On in India

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Previously this thirty day period, Indian Primary Minister Narendra Modi requested the entire place to simultaneously change off … Read More

NetBlocks Tracks Venezuela's Power Outage

Immediately after Venezuela’s electrical power technique collapsed late last 7 days, leaving most of the place in the darkish for days, the scope of the blackout was to begin with tricky to discern. Corpoelec, the point out-owned utility monopoly, was not sharing outage info, and considerably of its conversation came … Read More

Cloud AI is like nuclear power

In a latest speech, Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai known as for new polices in the environment of AI, with the noticeable target that AI has been commoditized by cloud computing. This is no surprise, now that we’re debating the moral issues that encompass the use of AI technological

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