Ryzen 7 Extreme Edition and Ryzen 9 4900U leaks hint that AMD is readying further nails for Intel’s coffin

AMD’s incoming Ryzen 4000 APUs have just grow to be the issue of far more leakage, which hints that there may well be a Ryzen seven Severe Edition 8-core chip in the pipeline, together with more spillage close to a purported Ryzen 9 4900U.

The Severe Edition was noticed by prolific Twitter leaker TUM_APISAK, and it shows an 8-core, sixteen-thread chip with a foundation clock of one.8GHz and the ability to improve up to 4.3GHz.

This is seemingly a ‘Renoir’ APU, incoming Ryzen 4000 areas which were being the issue of other latest leaks, like an 8-core chip noticed on User Benchmark, and information that a purported Ryzen seven 4700G experienced been identified in an Ashes of the Singularity benchmark. Clocking at a foundation one.8GHz pace would appear to be to suggest that this APU is based on just one of AMD’s current Ryzen 4000 U-sequence laptop chips with a 15W TDP.

Moreover, as Tom’s Hardware highlighted, TUM_APISAK also introduced our attention to a leaked Ryzen 9 4900U which has particularly the exact clocks and core spec as the purported Ryzen seven Severe Edition APU. The described improve pace of 4.3GHz would make this 100MHz faster than AMD’s current 4800U, which can achieve 4.2GHz.

Speculation aplenty

So, what’s likely on below? Numerous theories are floating close to, like that the purported 4900U is basically AMD’s 4800U, and is just a prior name before it was rebranded as the 4800U and released. Allegedly the 4800U is really able of peaking at 4.3GHz speeds (briefly, utilizing PBO or Precision Strengthen Overdrive), as Twitter user uzzi38 (who chimes in on a whole lot of Renoir stuff) theorizes (through Notebookcheck.net).

A different concept is that these are chips specially developed for Computer system suppliers, or potentially even Microsoft, as Tom’s Hardware guesses – simply because Surface Edition APUs have been generated by AMD in the past, so probably this is a far more generalized ‘Extreme Edition’ currently being produced available far more greatly.

Even so, we discover it complicated to feel that AMD would pick to call just one of its chips an Severe Edition presented that this is a label Intel works by using, and this points to a much better than standard possibility that this rumor entails some form of fakery.

In the end, we’d handle both of those leaks with a very good deal of warning, but specially the Ryzen seven Severe Edition spillage. There’s been a truthful little bit of buzz about the 4900U on the CPU grapevine beforehand, and it certainly appears to be the far more probably of the two rumors to appear to fruition.

While any Ryzen seven Severe Edition chip may well appear to be a remote prospect, in latest times the rumor mill has commenced to spin faster with references to AMD’s incoming Ryzen 4000 APUs, so we’re hopeful that we may well listen to far more concrete information on them soon ample. Specially taking into consideration that the prior rumor which just popped up was chatting about a launch day in July for an 8-core chip (but yet again, have your salt shaker handy there).