Let’s come and witness the journey of Jio


Reliance Jioinfocom popularly known as JIO has been a part of the latest news, when MukeshAmbani announced his ideas as well as plans of JIO that has shooked the telecom industry. At the time of launch of JIO, the idea as well as prices of other network operators has fallen down. In its preview offer, it has provided its users with LYF phones as well as a free JIO sim card. This was the first proper launch event that took the industry by storm.  Moreover, the fact that you can make a quick and secure online Jio recharge through various recharge sites, it’s like a cherry on the cake for the subscribers.

When Ambani was about to acquire the 4G broadband services, the company became a successful bidder for Pan India 4G network. Reliance industries have also worked on establishing a base for high-speed optical fiber 4G networks. It has capability of much more than 4G. Free unlimited calls, SMS and unlimited data for a period of 3 months have proven as a successful way of entering the market.

At the reliance general meeting the announcement of JIO was made. It is considered as a premium data service provider at low costs. While all the customer delighting offers are breaking the internet. Let us consider a few more things about JIO. Reliance Jio is going to clear the way for young companies as well as entrepreneurs to take advantage of the platform they are building.

The broadband wireless auction was also held in the past years. They had an annual worth of Rs. 4800 crores. They had a broad spectrum in all 22 circles across the country. They started to work as a subsidiary of Reliance. They were renamed as Reliance infocom limited in the year 2013. On December 2015 in Navi Mumbai it was kickstarted by Shahrukh Khan. The families as well as employees of JIO were made to use the services for testing purposes.

Jio has boasted the population of young minds working towards building the best data service that is going to be in the country. The average age of JIO employees is 30 years. Jio supports LTE technology, but not all the phones used to support it. JIO has initially joined its hands with Intex handsets with VoLTE features for better use of JIO services. It was eagerly waiting to disrupt the industry and solve different data problems that were prevalent in the country.

Jio introduced broadband services to its customers as access technology Pan India. It was formerly known as infotel broadband services limited. Jio used to offer special deals as well as offers to its valued customers across the globe at lowest possible prices. It offered its users with facility to make the JIO recharge online at the best prices. The users can make the choice of the offer within their budget.

The users can also make use of different apps, so as to make a JIO recharge online anytime they want. This recharge is available for 24×7. Jio has its headquarters in Navi Mumbai. Jio has also joined hands with Samsung, so as to enable its users to get access to 5G and Advanced pro.