Is it possible to remain connected everywhere?

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One of the benefits that globalization has brought with it is the ease with which the world can relate. It started majorly with traveling where people could move around in boats, ships, trains, and cars. With this, people were able to cover huge distances within a faster time frame. This was further boosted with the advent of the airplane in the early twentieth century. With this invention, it was even easier and faster to move to any part of the world. Places that would have initially taken months to reach by road and probably boats can now be reached within hours. Despite all of these, there were still limits.

People often traveled and tried to reach the people that they left behind. However, the only choice they would have is to write letters that would be delivered through postal services that required the movement of such letters. The implication is that it would take days before the recipient could get such letters depending on how far the distance was. It also meant that if you needed a particular product, you would have to look for them in your locality especially if you needed them urgently. If it is not available in your locality and order had not been earlier placed, it would first of all take days for the order for the product to reach the company providing the product or for the individual to travel to where the product is. It would further take some time for the product to travel down. Today, the time for the message to reach the company has been significantly reduced to just seconds.

The major technology that is responsible for this new development is the invention of the telephone. What started as a means of communicating within a short distance has now spread such that you could instantly reach someone at the farthest distance away from you in the world within seconds. With each person having a phone and a phone number, it is possible to place a call to the person and the individual will immediately receive the call. Initially, making and receiving calls were limited to just installing the phone at a particular location. The implication is that you had to be close to the phone which could be at home or in your office to receive the call.

Further developments resulted in the development of mobile phones. With mobile phones, people can now move around with their phones and receive calls anywhere they are. Even while you are on transit in the middle of nowhere, as long as the telephone company you use their network is reliable and have a network or where they don’t, you were able to successfully roam your network, you will be able to receive a call. An example of a telephone company you might want to patronize is Freedom Pop.

The advent of the Internet has also contributed to making the world even more connected. Anywhere you are in the world, you can instantly reach other people through social media platforms, mail, website, and other means. Thus, the answer to the question is simple. It is now possible to be connected everywhere in the world even when you are flying in the sky, in the middle of the sea or a deep forest.