Google has a cunning plan to address false positive security alerts

An overload of protection alerts can make it difficult for IT and protection teams to discover pressing threats which is why Google Cloud is adding a new “Mute Findings” capability to its Safety Command Middle (SCC).

SCC is the look for giant’s protection and threat administration platform that is made use of by businesses to deal with and improve their cloud protection and threat posture. The platform provides visibility into cloud belongings to enable businesses find misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, detect threats and to retain compliance with sector standards and benchmarks.

In accordance to a new blog site post from Google Cloud, SCC is regularly evolving with new abilities to enable make protection functions and administration procedures extra productive. To this conclusion, the corporation has included a new Mute Results capability in SCC that aids businesses proficiently deal with findings centered on their insurance policies and necessities.

Even though SCC presents likely protection risks in an organization’s cloud ecosystem as ‘findings’ inclusive of misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and threats, a superior volume of findings can make it difficult for protection teams to recognize, triage and remediate the most important risks to their business.

Mute Results

With the launch of Google Cloud’s new Mute Results capability, businesses achieve a way to lower the volume of findings and emphasis on the protection challenges that are remarkably appropriate.

This new capability can also enable help you save businesses time as they no lengthier have to assessment or answer to findings that are identified as suitable risks in their ecosystem. For instance, alerts for belongings that are isolated or tumble in suitable business parameters may well not need a protection team’s instant awareness or may well not even need to be remediated at all.

Nevertheless, the moment findings are muted, they will even now continue to be logged for audit and compliance functions. Corporations also have the means to assessment muted findings at any time even however they are concealed by default in the SCC dashboard.

Google Cloud’s Mute Results features is now readily available in SCC through the Google Cloud Platform console, gcloudtool and API and the corporation has also presented documentation for businesses interested in leveraging this new capability.

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