Fire Protection For Businesses

Jeffrey Cuebas

It is quite striking to note that fire protection is a highly underrated policy here in the United Kingdom. If we take a look at the situation it is especially staggering – fires occur quite frequently in the country. Even if we are a highly educated populace, we don’t do well in terms of controlling this highly preventable disaster. This is why last 2006, the Fire Protection Order (2005) was finally ratified in order to force businesses to take charge of their own fire safety. This is why nowadays, more and more businesses have become aware of modern fire safety equipment and practices such as the use of CO2 fire extinguishers on electrical fires and regular employee fire training.

Fire protection companies near me are a key concern for most of us business owners . I have been a scientific equipment distributor for more than 15 years now and I must say that especially in an industry like mine this can really be a sensitive issue. I regularly transport highly volatile chemicals for one – which means that if a bottle of flammable fluid was so much as ignited by a small piece of cigarette cinder it could already start a hard to control chemical fire. I also operate with a good number of electronic equipment such as a heavy duty electrical generator and of course, a network of desktop computers. This is why in my case, I keep a good number of CO2 fire extinguishers on stock since this type of fire extinguisher is the most ideal in putting out electrical fires. I also have a good number of carbon monoxide detectors in key areas where there is a good amount of gas powered equipment to make sure that the silent killer CO does not pull the trigger on my personnel.

The key point I would like to illustrate through my example here is that fire protection varies from business to business, from need to need. Part of the Fire Risk Assessment program by the government is to do just that – to tailor fit one’s fire safety needs. As you may already have noticed my need for a particular type of fire extinguisher and the number I need depends heavily upon the industry in which I work in. Restaurants carry a good number of wet chemical fire extinguishers for example, in putting out cooking fires. To know your own needs, a consultation with a fire marshall and / or fire engineer is quite essential.

Thus, if you need to know whether you need a CO2 fire extinguisher or a wet chemical fire extinguisher or perhaps a transportable container or a static one, seeking expert advice is really the only practical option out there. Fire protection for businesses is a very relative issue and an essential one at that. We all need fire safety as I have mentioned, we are a country that is prone to fires. Whether it be in a household, a flower shop or a bank everyone needs to make sure that his property and livelihood is well protected. Better than insurance as they say indeed, is prevention.

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