Jeffrey Cuebas

Keeping It Fresh: New AI-based Strategy Can Assess the Freshness of Beef Samples

Researchers incorporate spectroscopy and deep studying in an economical method for detecting spoiled meat.

Researchers at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technological innovation, Korea, incorporate an reasonably priced spectroscopy method with artificial intelligence to establish a new way of examining the freshness of beef samples. Their strategy is remarkably a

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Researchers at U of T and LG develop ‘explainable’ artificial intelligence algorithm

Scientists from the College of Toronto and LG AI Exploration have designed an “explainable” artificial intelligence (XAI) algorithm that can enable establish and reduce flaws in display screens.

The new algorithm, which outperformed comparable strategies on marketplace benchmarks, was designed by way of an ongoing AI research collaboration between LG

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Woolworths has five years of IT strategy and delivery validated – Strategy – Hardware – Networking – Software

Woolworths has credited the previous 5 several years of technological know-how method and shipping for acquiring the bandwidth – both connectivity and people’s time – to respond to troubles in the course of the pandemic.

‎General Supervisor of IT, provider, functions and infrastructure Patrick Misciagna indicated in the course of

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