AfterShokz Aeropex review: Impressive bone conduction headset with long battery life, solid performance

Whilst I examination a large amount of headsets while working, I constantly go again to employing bone conduction headsets so that my ears are open for basic safety factors. With darkness encompassing me and the rain beating me down, bone conduction headsets are essential for my wintertime working periods. For the past thirty day period, I have been working with the
AfterShokz Aeropex

and I have been really pleased with their functionality.

The Aeropex retail price is $159.ninety five, but there is currently a $30 off sale, so the price is $129.ninety five. They are available in Cosmic Black, Blue Eclipse, Photo voltaic Purple, and Lunar Grey. I tested the common dimensions Cosmic Black set.

I 1st tried out AfterShokz bone conduction engineering with the Trekz Air in 2018, and more than the past yr, I tried out a couple of other choices from competition. With the Aeropex more than my ears blasting classic rock, it is apparent that AfterShokz sets the bar when it will come to bone conduction headphones optimized for functioning out.

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  • Cozy and safe in shape
  • Enhanced bodily buttons
  • IP67 dust/water resistance
  • eight-hour battery everyday living
  • Ears remain open for basic safety

You should not Like

The Aeropex headset is employing 8th generation bone conduction engineering from AfterShokz, and it is apparent the corporation has worked hard to offer an superb audio working experience. There is also a little bit of tradeoff in audio functionality with bone conduction when when compared to common headsets that go in, on, or more than your ears. However, the volume, clarity, and total working experience presented by the Aeropex is perfect for me. I ran in a Ragnar path race on Mt Rainier this summer time and made use of the
Trekz Air

to keep me going given that that is the only headset style authorized as it keeps your ears open to the natural environment all over you.


The retail offer incorporates the headset, silicone carrying situation with magnetic clasp, earplugs, and two magnetic charging cables. The inclusion of two cables is a pleasant contact and indicates I can keep 1 in my journey bag and the other at household given that I take pleasure in working when I journey.

The headset has a matte finish with a titanium body keeping the items collectively, so you get a lightweight and snug in shape. There is zero stress or soreness prompted by prolonged put on of the headset.

A person component of the Trekz Air that I did not like was the very small buttons and compact port address to obtain the microUSB port for charging the headset. On the Aeropex, we locate two big buttons underneath the ideal aspect and a magnetic induction cable. This charging system may also assist keep the headset trustworthy for years given that there is no opening for water to get into the headset. There is also a big button on the outside of the still left aspect that suits more than your ear. Controls are easy and uncomplicated with the Aeropex, a broad improvement more than the Trekz Air.


The big multifunction button is made use of to play/pause tunes, skip to the up coming tune, go again to the prior tune, answer/end calls, reject calls, redial the very last amount, and start your favored machine voice assistant. The electric power and volume buttons naturally control electric power and volume, but also mute calls, modify equalizer configurations, and check out battery standing.

AfterShokz advertises up to eight hours of battery everyday living, and that matches my activities. I normally go for three to four operates and put on them on a couple of commutes before charging up the headset. Whilst they have an IP67 dust/water resistant score, they are not built for swimming.

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The Aeropex also supports multipoint pairing so you can hook up to two devices at once, which is valuable if you want to hook up to a mobile phone and a enjoy or a mobile phone and a tablet at the identical time and then flip amongst the two as wanted.


  • Microphones: Dual sounds-canceling mic
  • Dust/water resistance: IP67 score
  • Battery everyday living: Up to eight hours of play. Two hours to cost up the headset employing a magnetic induction cable.
  • Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth 5.
  • Earbud body weight: 26 grams

Everyday usage activities and conclusions

There are numerous factors I like employing the AfterShokz Aeropex more than common earbuds, like the simple fact that they under no circumstances slide out of your ears no matter how considerably you shake, rattle, and roll when you work out. The headset conveniently lasts for up to eight hours for playback, permits my ears to remain open to hear my surroundings, and under no circumstances disturbs the folks all over me. At 1st, I only made use of them for working, but have given that adopted them for my commute given that I can sit on the train and pay attention to tunes, podcasts, and video devoid of others on the train listening to something. A buddy essentially advisable also employing them on an airplane, in combination with the involved earplugs.


For working, I paired the headset with various Android telephones and watches, like the
Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE

Coros Vertix 2

. Audio plays again completely each solitary time with no missed beats or skipping. The bass is essentially respectable with the headset, advertised as AfterShokz PremiumPitch 2.. Staying that I dwell in Washington Condition, I also devote a large amount of time working in the rain, and the headset has executed flawlessly in these disorders.

Considering that my days of employing the Trekz Air, the buttons have been improved, and this design improvement on your own was plenty of to get me to advise the Aeropex. However, I also like the extended battery everyday living and improved audio functionality.