JioFi made it simple to maintain your mobile router!

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We’ve all been there – you are going to your relatives and there’s virtually no wired connection there. But you need to keep in touch with your work buddies and just buddies. India has big problems with the Internet connectivity and JioFi helps solve this problem. A cute small router will help you to get a good speed on your smartphone almost anywhere.

And what’s also good about it is that it’s super-easy to maintain and adjust the settings for the gadget when you use it.

 How to manage the settings?

All you need to do is to visit http://jiofi.local.html. It’s the unified hub where you can manage all the settings and maintain your device without any hassle whatsoever.

First, you’ll need to log into the system. Type in your address into the browser URL bar. Then you’ll need to specify your username and password. And that’s it. You are in. Now you can change the settings the way you want to.

Also, you can change the password whenever you don’t want some other folks get access to your hotspot. And you can get a reminder for your credentials.