How is ordinary digital marketing different from a strategic one?

Strategic Digital Marketing is the neo-generation tactic employed by the marketers to attract and maximum eyeballs and generate footfalls by increasing conversion and engagement rate.

Any strategy can prove to be an effective one if it is optimally utilized to achieve the set target. Since marketing strategy plays a crucial role in forming a brand’s visibility and making it profitable, the decision of employing the right marketing strategy is the most complex one. Many marketers find themselves debating over the best route plan for success.

What makes digital marking different from a Strategic one?

Though the major difference between the two is quite extensive and compelling, most marketers are unable to comprehend it. This could be due to their limited knowledge on the importance of strategy in marketing efforts. Now is the time that marketers realize the potential of strategic digital marketing and get acquainted with all the aspects of it. Bridging this gap of understanding could be the key to the success of brands and businesses.   

Ordinary Digital Marketing Campaign has surrendered to the superfluous forces of digital aid such as website development. They are often seen as the one focusing on getting more likes on Social Media channels they are in. It has become more about social media marketing that is restricted to posting content and chasing likes. No logical thought process goes in while forming the strategy.  The plan is usually kept simple to a few steps that include the creation of a website and social media accounts; occasionally, contents are posted on these channels only with an objective to get more followers and likes.

On the contrary, a Strategic Digital Marketing comes into being when an agency decides to integrate a Strategy into their operations. Rather than just following a step by step route, a methodical plan of action is formulated to fully exploit the accessible assets with an aim to achieve the brand’s marketing goals and objectives. The idea here is to take a comprehensive outlook towards digital marketing solutions by integrating strategy with the company’s existing ideology. Doing so can help brands reach their target audience in a strategic order.

The pillars of Strategic Digital Marketing that give it the strength it possesses are TG identification & geographic targeting, Channel identification, Annual content calendar planning, Conceptual campaign planning, Objective orientation, Audience enhancement strategies, Audience engagement strategies, and Periodic review and analysis.


The philosophy behind having a strategic digital marketing approach is

As against an ordinary digital marketing plan, a strategic one is much more effective and efficient in incorporating digital platforms smartly to deliver true results. A strategic marketing plan understands the reason behind a specific action. Digital marketing companies in Virginia not just post content on social media daily; they design a content strategy that is specific to the needs of their target audience

Each and every action that is taken is in line with the brand’s ideology. The strategy is designed keeping in consideration the objectives of the campaign. The process involves identifying, engaging, persuading, influencing and keeping existing customers involved in the voyage to meet the set objectives under short term and long term managerial objectives to achieve desired results.